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In your silence I break like fragile glass,
where carefully built dreams litter the floor.
Sharp and jagged, cutting me to the quick,
drops of blood mingling with tears that flow.
How can I mend these broken bits of me,
when picking them up is already hard to do.
Your image is all I see mirrored in the debris,
and when fingers touch them, the pain becomes so real.

If I could just put them all together,
maybe everything will be alright,
between you and me tonight,
if not i’ll leave you a kiss
before I say goodbye.

In your silence I break like brittle sticks,
bent and broken, snapping like dried up twigs.
My mind is reeling from this sad reality,
hello shadows, have you come to claim my sanity?
How can I trust myself to live again,
when the fire that used to burn no longer gives off heat?
You were the one that warmed this once cold heart,
but in your silence I became undone.

Now if I could just put them all together,
maybe everything will be alright,
between you and me tonight.
If not I’ll just walk away and leave,
a kiss I’ll give for you to remember me by.

-Little Ink Elf 092613-


where did we go wrong,this story is half done,
we lost our rhythm, lost our stride,
the hand that weilds the pen no longer writes.
gone is the muse that lends her beauty,
all that’s left is an empty feeling.
tried to find the words to go along
this half finished story but they don’t come at all.
the pen remains still, no words to spill,
blank pages remain unblemished.
tried to find memories to fuel,
this writing hand that remains unmoving,
but all i found were broken pieces
of memories long forgotten.
where to find the spark to start the fire within,
to churn words to cover these empty pages?
when all that is left are faded images
of the things we used to love to get lost in?

-Little Ink Elf 090413-

If This Will be The Last

If this will be the last
I will lay my heart at your feet
with all its scars and hurts
its hopes and dreams
everything I have to offer
to you I will give.

If this will be the last
I will not bind you with tears
but with love I’ll set you free
no words are needed to be said
you can turn around and walk away.

If this will be the last
I will not ask you to stay
nor beg or plead on bended knees
but watch you with these brown eyes
searing your image in my mind.

If this will be the last,
leave me with happier memories,
ones I can go back to time and again,
just to remind me that you were real,
and had the chance to call you mine.

-Little Ink Elf 090113-



If I will write the story of us, where should I begin?
Should I start when our paths first crossed,
or should I fast forward to where we are now?
Should I write about the plans we made,
the dreams we shared,
when now they’ve all been but erased?

Where to begin the story of us?
When all I can see is the coming of the end?
The paths we once walked are no longer the same,
we’ve changed, we’ve ceased to care.

What else is there to write about?
When all the thoughts we had
had all been erased?
Would our story ever continue
even when the world conspires against us?

Will there even be a story of us,
one that we could write together?
Or shall we let this story fade,
let time works its way,
until all that was has been completely erased?

-Little Ink Elf 081213-



So many lines remain unspoken,
can’t find the right words to say.
You’re always leaving me behind,
never thinking twice,
just letting your feet take you
away from me.

Where have all the words gone?
Trying to patch things up.
Just me and my mind tonight,
finding the words I know I’ve left buried
somewhere in the depths of this mind.

Just hear me out one last time,
and then you can go your way.
Leave me if you want to,
I won’t ask you to stay.
But won’t you wait for me
to untangle these unspoken words
I’ve yet to say?

I’ll never find another you,
even as the world keeps on turning.
There is no one else like you,
of that I am really sure.
You are the only one I know
who can find a smile inside of me.

And though I love you with all that I have,
there are still words that haven’t crossed my lips.
Because you never gave me any chance
to show you how I can love with all that I have.

Because you always keep yourself in the dark,
never letting my light shine through.
You thought it was better to leave me alone,
not knowing that your killing me inside.
How can these unspoken words
ever find their way to you?
When all I ever do is keep on chasing after you?

Won’t you stop and stay for the meantime?
Let me love you even just for a little while.
I’ll let loose these unspoken words
so they can flow and never stop.
Let them tell you how I see the world,
now that I’ve found what I was looking for.

It was always you who made my days better,
even when all I ever wanted was to drown
in my own dark despair.
The words have caught up with me now,
can’t hold back the tide.
I’ll love you forever more,
if only you’ll allow me to.

There won’t be any words left unspoken,
if you choose to stay by my side.
Just stay with me and never leave,
let’s not end it this way.
Let’s speak those words we’ve left unspoken,
and do away with the secrets, lies and silence.

-Little Ink Elf 080913-



You’ve put me on the sidelines,
never letting me enter your dreams.
I’m just a chance passenger waiting
for a space in your heart to squeeze in,
just a little hole is enough for me,
so I can get closer to your heart
and make a home there for me.
You’ve put me aside so easily,
putting distance between you and me,
yet I’m a fool who is still waiting,
that you’ll come back to me.

-Little Ink Elf 080513-



Where is this thing called hope that fuels
the heart that is put on hold?
No warmth touches its halls but icy tendrils
of smoke fill its chambers.
The lights that once hold back the shadows
are no longer shining bright.
Just darkness and silence are left
chilling the heart, making it hard, cold as stone.
Everything we’ve done, you’ve undone,
your indifference and feigned interest kills.
All the dreams we’ve built you’ve destroyed,
all it took was your mocking silence that ruined it all.
Reaching out was like touching a brick wall,
unyielding, unbending, towering above me.
There is no room for me of that I am sure,
now that we’re coming undone.
The strings we’ve tied are already unraveling,
faster than it took us to bind one another with them.
The fire we’ve started is already dying down,
you’ve trampled and dispersed it with your feet.
All that’s left are the ashes of our past and my hopes,
burned to the ground, blown by the wind,
gone forever.

-Little Ink Elf 072413-


Take back those words that you haunt my dreams
for they cripple me with distaste and displeasure
as nightmares come and creep
holding me down, holding me tight.
Such words that aim to hurt aren’t meant
to cross your lips,
such sweet lips that once settled on mine own.
Poisoned words that drip with every utterance
has consumed the very best in me,
as they send me reeling back with a frightened heart
beating like a drum that echoes inside my head
as your words vibrate and resonate with
the madness and darkness that you called love.
Even as I cover my ears I can still hear
those dangerous words you speak relentlessly
pursuing me in my dreams.
Words that were once coated with passion
no longer give me the warmth that I crave for.
All that is left is the cold winter’s chill,
like death’s kiss placed on pale cheeks.
Where is the fire that burned my senses
every time your lips part to tell me the words
I longed to hear?
Where is that spark that sends those shivers
down my spine?
Did you even feel them at all or was it all in my head?

-Little Ink Elf 070913-

Switching to Silence

Voices all around, whispering and screaming
the very thoughts that run wild in the night,
as the moon bright and full breaks out from behind
dark clouds that obscure its yellowed face,
to fuel the howlings of the mind trapped
within a mind drowning in its own muddled world.
Raging against the rapidly rushing sounds
of heartaches and triumphs masked in lies and truths,
beating in tandem with a heart that befriended pain
and bedded down with solitude and loneliness,
curling up in a ball of wasted emotions seeking silence
yet enveloped in words written in madness.
Hard to switch to silence when the mind is awashed
with reddish hues of swirling, hungry emotions,
but then it burns and burns until the flames no longer hurt,
leaving nothing but the iciness of emptiness
and the savage silence of a mind gone over the edge
where words no longer form, emotions already gone
just the silence, blessed silence, cyring in the night.

-Little Ink Elf  070713-

Twisted Mind


I can’t, for the life of me, understand why they do
these things to me.
Being pulled in different directions is pushing me to
the brink of extinction.
Emotions all in a jumble, this feeling of being dragged
without permission, is goading me to end this
How can I make up this mind twisted beyond
When everyone is asking a piece of me like they often
do when they see a tasty meal?
I am beyond exhausted from all these pulling and
I only long for the silence that beckons to me from
that newly dug hole on that soft ground muddied by
footprints that made it.
It is perhaps the best place to be for a twisted mind
that knows no release.

-Little Ink Elf 052113-

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