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So many lines remain unspoken,
can’t find the right words to say.
You’re always leaving me behind,
never thinking twice,
just letting your feet take you
away from me.

Where have all the words gone?
Trying to patch things up.
Just me and my mind tonight,
finding the words I know I’ve left buried
somewhere in the depths of this mind.

Just hear me out one last time,
and then you can go your way.
Leave me if you want to,
I won’t ask you to stay.
But won’t you wait for me
to untangle these unspoken words
I’ve yet to say?

I’ll never find another you,
even as the world keeps on turning.
There is no one else like you,
of that I am really sure.
You are the only one I know
who can find a smile inside of me.

And though I love you with all that I have,
there are still words that haven’t crossed my lips.
Because you never gave me any chance
to show you how I can love with all that I have.

Because you always keep yourself in the dark,
never letting my light shine through.
You thought it was better to leave me alone,
not knowing that your killing me inside.
How can these unspoken words
ever find their way to you?
When all I ever do is keep on chasing after you?

Won’t you stop and stay for the meantime?
Let me love you even just for a little while.
I’ll let loose these unspoken words
so they can flow and never stop.
Let them tell you how I see the world,
now that I’ve found what I was looking for.

It was always you who made my days better,
even when all I ever wanted was to drown
in my own dark despair.
The words have caught up with me now,
can’t hold back the tide.
I’ll love you forever more,
if only you’ll allow me to.

There won’t be any words left unspoken,
if you choose to stay by my side.
Just stay with me and never leave,
let’s not end it this way.
Let’s speak those words we’ve left unspoken,
and do away with the secrets, lies and silence.

-Little Ink Elf 080913-


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