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shush dear heart
silence your lips
your words flow
without any meaning

still your mouth
your darkness spills
with every breath
you slowly kill

hold your tongue
its sharpness wounds
no longer interested
in loving words

-©Little Ink Elf 032014-




walk away from the desolation of a broken heart,
where smashed dreams and remnants of promises litter the ground.
your shadow need not darken the encrusted floor anymore
where blood, tears and sweat have mingled and dried.
for this house no longer holds the warmth you once loved
all that is left is the silence and the emptiness
and the memories built that are starting to fade.

Walk away from the despair that slowly creeps inside,
its fingers will try to reach out and strangle your soul,
let the door to this chapter softly swing shut
lock the pain along with the remains of a broken heart,
keep it at bay lest it seeps into the light that you hold still
and darken it with anger and hate that can torture and maim
leaving you a slave to the burgeoning shadows of distrust.

Walk away from the tears that constantly flow,
the soul can only bear so much hurt in a lifetime.
Turn your back on the loneliness that hounds you,
don’t let the growing chasm of silence swallow you whole.
Seek the courage that is hidden deep within you,
let its light banish the clouds of confusion that blind you
and let you find the path where your heart will truly belong.

-©Little Ink Elf 022414-


there is always silence
in between the smiles
that pass between us.
a silence that creeps
seeping into the corners
of the morning light,
like a shadow
waiting to rob the sun
of its wonderful warmth
and replace it with shards
of cold’s icy fingers
wrapped in our intimate space.
a silence that kills
the very thoughts we share,
chipping away at the bridge
we’ve built with infinite care.
the silence is loud and clear
breaking the words we’ve exchanged
erasing them one by one
until there is a widening space
a yawning chasm that feeds
on the very stillness of our mouths,
the lapse of words that connect us.
oh, how you kill…

-©Little Ink Elf 020614-



drifting into
in a sea of uncertainty
the pains of the past
nibbling on flesh
drained of life
lying immobile
against the stillness
of the silence
you made.
without purpose
without hope
without direction
cut off
from your side
sailing away
like a forgotten thought
nowhere to go
nowhere to turn to
except the darkness
that constantly beckons.

-Little Ink Elf 010914-

Words Exhausted

from juneroca.com

words are all but exhausted
as they fall on deaf ears
carried away by the wind
and the fall of precious tears.

penned in the darkness
as the soul tries to commune
with the silence that seems to echo
into the emptiness within.

why would hope be present
when your absence is here?
spreading its coldness
where warmth used to live?

-Little Ink Elf 010614-

Fragile is the Heart

Fragile is the heart that is slowly losing hope
that its whispered prayers will be heard
in the silence of the night that grows ever so long
in the absence of the light that you bear
where chilling winds make their home inside
the heart where love once reigned but now gone.

Would the pleas given voice by falling tears
dry up as your hands caress them away
from wet cheeks that you once tenderly kissed
when the world revolved around our entwined hands
and shadows merging into the starlit skies
moving as one while time stood still?

Fragile is the heart then when the dreams start to fade
like the setting sun’s rays that disappear into the horizon
as night’s cold fingers break daylight’s hold
letting the chill breath of silence makes its way
towards the flickering flame of hope that resides
in this heart for it to vanquish once and for all.

-Little Ink Elf 122713-

Was It


Was it worth the sleepless nights
the counting of passing days
the hours that trickle by?

Was it worth waiting for the morn
to feel its idle touch
to bathe in its glorious warmth?

Was it worth watching the stars
dancing in the sky
wondering if you see them too?

Was it worth sending kisses
to the wind to place upon your cheeks
to remind you of me?

Was it worth the wait
the absence of words
still trusting even in the dark?

Was it worth to hear even an echo
of your voice in my dreams
to carry it with me as I open my eyes?

Was it worth the effort given
the moments built and cherished
in the light of where we are now?

Was it everything I thought it would be
attempting to reconnect into your life
the silence in the other line?

-Little Ink Elf 120513-




set adrift with hardly a care,
unspoken words left me bare,
cutting deeply unto skin and soul,
this heart now has a hole.
can’t find a way to stop the bleeding,
this gaping wound finds no healing,
in silence i love, in silence i suffer,
drifting to nowhere, what can you offer?
to stop the hurt and mend what’s broken,
would you say the words left unspoken?

-Little Ink Elf 100313-


In your silence I break like fragile glass,
where carefully built dreams litter the floor.
Sharp and jagged, cutting me to the quick,
drops of blood mingling with tears that flow.
How can I mend these broken bits of me,
when picking them up is already hard to do.
Your image is all I see mirrored in the debris,
and when fingers touch them, the pain becomes so real.

If I could just put them all together,
maybe everything will be alright,
between you and me tonight,
if not i’ll leave you a kiss
before I say goodbye.

In your silence I break like brittle sticks,
bent and broken, snapping like dried up twigs.
My mind is reeling from this sad reality,
hello shadows, have you come to claim my sanity?
How can I trust myself to live again,
when the fire that used to burn no longer gives off heat?
You were the one that warmed this once cold heart,
but in your silence I became undone.

Now if I could just put them all together,
maybe everything will be alright,
between you and me tonight.
If not I’ll just walk away and leave,
a kiss I’ll give for you to remember me by.

-Little Ink Elf 092613-



Where is this thing called hope that fuels
the heart that is put on hold?
No warmth touches its halls but icy tendrils
of smoke fill its chambers.
The lights that once hold back the shadows
are no longer shining bright.
Just darkness and silence are left
chilling the heart, making it hard, cold as stone.
Everything we’ve done, you’ve undone,
your indifference and feigned interest kills.
All the dreams we’ve built you’ve destroyed,
all it took was your mocking silence that ruined it all.
Reaching out was like touching a brick wall,
unyielding, unbending, towering above me.
There is no room for me of that I am sure,
now that we’re coming undone.
The strings we’ve tied are already unraveling,
faster than it took us to bind one another with them.
The fire we’ve started is already dying down,
you’ve trampled and dispersed it with your feet.
All that’s left are the ashes of our past and my hopes,
burned to the ground, blown by the wind,
gone forever.

-Little Ink Elf 072413-

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