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If This Will be The Last

If this will be the last
I will lay my heart at your feet
with all its scars and hurts
its hopes and dreams
everything I have to offer
to you I will give.

If this will be the last
I will not bind you with tears
but with love I’ll set you free
no words are needed to be said
you can turn around and walk away.

If this will be the last
I will not ask you to stay
nor beg or plead on bended knees
but watch you with these brown eyes
searing your image in my mind.

If this will be the last,
leave me with happier memories,
ones I can go back to time and again,
just to remind me that you were real,
and had the chance to call you mine.

-Little Ink Elf 090113-


And I Would Have

And I would have wished for the moon and the stars,
to brightly shine upon the night sky,
showing you the road that leads back to me,
back to my hearth, my home, my arms tonight.

And I would have wished for the sun to bathe us warm,
as we stir beneath the sheets from the deepest of sleeps,
arms enfolding one against the other,
like true lovers, souls entwined.

And I would have wished to open my eyes and see yours,
gazing at me with such love that you can bear,
while our hearts beat the same rhythm in our chests,
a tempo that we are already used to.

And I would have wished that time be on our side,
stopping still while our hearts unite,
merging souls encased in passion,
until all we ever wanted has finally happened.

And I would have wished that we can stay like this forever,
your hands in mine and mine in yours,
sealed with a promise to never let go,
whatever happens I’ll be forever yours.

And I would have wished that no tears will fall,
from eyes that once perceived love divine,
and yet they come without warning, unrelenting,
falling down in careless rivulets.

And I would have wished that you stay longer,
to hold me close one last time,
wipe away the tears that fell from brooding eyes,
and kiss my lips before you say goodbye.
-Little Ink Elf 082713-



Forget it.
Forget the dreams.
Forget the promises.
Forget the sweet nothings.
Forget the embraces.
Forget the messages.
Forget the moments.
Forget the kisses.
Forget us.
Forget me.

-Little Ink Elf 081513-

Absence of You

It was easy to pretend that your absence doesn’t matter,
but why do my eyes burn with tears threatening to fall?
It was easy to disguise this empty feeling I know is inside me,
no one knows, not even you, my darling dear.
I can bear the pain, wear a smile, and let others forget the reason why,
I’m in my room burying myself in the shadows that loom.
Call me all kinds of crazy, hell, I do that all the time.
It’s the absence of you that’s making me laugh and cry,
never knowing when will this stop, when can I smile.

-Little Ink Elf 071313-


now we are at a crossroad, our destination so unsure.
should we walk separate paths or linger on the same
where we go today we can’t say, were still waiting to
give an answer.
can’t we stay on this path to forever?
or must we break our hold and forge alone
a future that might be bleak without the warmth we
enveloped in our arms that we held around each

-Little Ink Elf 070413-


like a dream that is starting to fade
your face no longer do I remember,
only the illusion of you gets left behind
and one that is tearing me apart.
your beauty is starting to disappear
yet I keep on clinging to the idea
of a picture perfect beginning
that I want to start with you.
I’m in over my head
I feel like I’m drowning in your secrets
where only your truth I’m hoping for
will save me from this swirling nightmares
that you’ve tossed me into.
this dream that I often see
when I close my eyes is already taking its toll
on my senses yearning for one thing
right from the start.
that you’ll find time to make me feel
the kind of love that I’m hoping for
without lies and deceit
nor walls to bar me from discovering the real you
I know you’ve kept under lock and key
because I know you’re just like me too
afraid of the world and all the hurts
when all we ever wanted was a chance to feel
the kind of love we’ve always hoped for.

-Little Ink Elf 062813-

From Your Lips


enchanting words that spill from your lips longing to be kissed,
wrap their arms around a heart seeking the ultimate bliss.
yet these words that pour forth from those mesmerizing lips,
transform themselves into knives that wound so deep.
as these sharp steeled words slowly slice their way through,
tendrils of blood slowly ooze from shallow wounds inflicted.
all that was asked was a love filled with the beauty of innocence,
yet the words that resonate from thy lips possessed magic that paralyzes.
caught up in a web of utter lies disguised in honeyed tongue,
it’s no wonder this heart fell in love with the idea of love that you professed.
using words that sway and hypnotize, there is no doubt that you’ve captured many hearts this way.
and here you’ve caught another one that clings to hope,
that the love it will receive won’t hurt it anymore.
but it seems those enchanting words that roll from your lips,
are nothing more but nightmares enveloped in lines so sweet.

-Little Ink Elf 060413-


Muted rainfall falling on broken bits of glass
shattered by a wailing heart that lost all hope.
Moaning and hurting surrounded by chaos and debris
heart bleeding for love no longer given.
Sorrow filled eyes turned towards the heaven
that weeps with her and her broken heart,
trying to assuage her soul bereft of life and love.
Rainfall trying to wash away the tears that fall
and the pain that clings to her body and mind,
trying to soothe her sadness and madness away.
Trembling from exhaustion and the cold seeping
into its soul of souls that tries to cling to hope,
even the rain can’t stop the loneliness of this
abandoned and used up heart stricken on the ground.

-Little Ink Elf 060213-

Love Song


As I write these words I know you won’t hear
the music that accompanies them.
For this silent love song is made to be heard
only by a heart that knows what love truly is.
You can’t find the tune to the soul who wrote this,
because you didn’t take the time to listen.
I’ve been playing it for years hoping you’ll hear
but it seems to me that it has fallen on deaf ears.
A love song I wrote for you and you alone,
but you weren’t there to listen to my song.
If only you spent time with me, you’ll understand
why I never sang this song when you’re around.
It’s because I taught my heart to sing it for you,
and only your heart will hear if only you loved me too.

-Little Ink Elf 053013-

Carving Lies

I will carve the lies your lips have uttered
on your pale skin for you to remember them by.
That all the words you’ve spun with those beguiling
have hurt me deep within this fragile flesh of mine.
But I will not be so cruel as to keep the pain to
I will teach you the burning sensation of shame and
I will show you how easily your words can cut to the
I will make you understand how lies can cause
someone to die from within.
And when all of these you’ve learned by heart,
I will let you go and live the scars you’ve left me with.

-Little Ink Elf 052013-

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