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Now I understand, your world is not mine.
I tried to get in but the locks don’t match my keys.
I’m standing at your front step knocking on your door,
yet no one came to answer my call.
Not a hint of your shadow by the window,
your silence answering my hellos.
Just me and my wishful thinking
that you’ll want me in your world too.
Time has passed and all I see
is your world’s door barred from within.
There is no sign that you heard me,
or even the sound of my tears falling,
so I’ll leave you something to remember me by.
A piece of my heart you’ve broken
with your silence and your lies.

-Little Ink Elf 071513-


Bleeding Hearts


bleeding hearts that are thrown out in haste,
are now scarred with pain and marred by anguish.
for there is no tomorrow for broken hearts forgotten
in a ditch somewhere in this cold, lonesome world
where loveless souls pass by in so much hurry.
the slow beats of these bleeding hearts
are like fading drums echoing in the dark,
bouncing off walls like a tired man’s knuckles rapping,
against his chest as he wheezes in agony.
for there is no comfort to be found for hearts that bleed,
as hope flickers and fades in the distant darkness,
only the hands of death can heal and mend,
and by planting a chilling kiss all their hurts just fade away.

-Little Ink Elf 062413-

A Disease Called You


i am bedded down with a disease called you,
and i am sorry i let you get the best of me.
i am tired of all the silence you left me with,
and i am ashamed with these tears that fall consistently.

i am bedded down with a disease called love,
and i am shivering despite the heat.
i am tired of living life with the pain caused by you,
and i am in need of a change of scenery.

i am bedded down with a disease called hurt,
and i know i’ll never erase it because it was made by you.
i am tired of hiding behind false smiles,
and i know i am just a finger’s breadth away from madness caused by lies.

i am bedded down with a disease called you,
and i know there is no cure for me to take to get rid of it.
i am tired of taking the usual remedies
and i am just waiting for the pain to go away.

-Little Ink Elf 051613-

Nowhere to be Found

I’ve tried shouting your name against the horrible
darkness that pervades my mind,
hoping that you will hear my call and come to aid me.
But only the echo of my voice bounced back from the
depths of my fragile mind,
repeating your name over and over again.
You don’t know how hard it is to keep silent and still,
when the world around me is slowly crumbling down.
I wished with all my heart and with my eyes closed,
that you will appear before me and hold me close,
protecting me against the shadows of despair that
looms above me, and banish away the hurts that sear
my flesh.
Only when I opened my eyes and as my wish fades
from my lips,
the only thing that I see before me is nothing but a
shadow of a thought I’ve created to help me instead.
I’ve nothing left but emptiness inside me because you
were nowhere to be found.
Not even my call reached your ears and now I am
wondering why.

-Little Ink Elf 042913-

Private Hell


Burning letters, burning dreams
love put on hold clouding her eyes.
Tears do fall yet remain unnoticed,
each drop desperately clinging to her
long dark lashes.
Blurred lines and visions is all she sees,
trying to retain a semblance of heaven
in her own private hell.

-Little Ink Elf 040913-

If I Were


If I were a romantic soul
I would be wooing you with roses and kisses,
to bring that smile to your lips and your eyes,
for they so badly need it,

If I were a hungry soul,
I would be feeding on your love
satiating the emptiness in me,
until I am full with it.

If I were a lonely soul,
I would find an excuse to stay by your side,
holding your hand while listening to your words,
until this loneliness leaves me.

If I were a broken soul,
I would kneel before you and ask
whether you have hands that heal
a broken person like me.

If I were a dying soul,
I would write to you these thoughts,
and leave it by your side for you to read,
so you will know how much you meant to me.

-Little Ink Elf 041313-

Repairing Thoughts


Repair these broken threads of thoughts
with words conjured from nowhere,
until we form a coherent story
that we can write on liquid paper.
To be carried out into the seas
along with all our hopes and dreams,
with candles floating in the wind
to guide us back to our beginnings,
when love was still strong in us,
unlike now when we are already drifting apart.

-eamarifosque 040913-



I can pretend that you do not exist,
it’s easier this way.
I’d rather master the art of indifference,
rather than feel the million stabbing pain
that love can render this heart of mine
leaving my sanity broken into a thousand pieces.

I can pretend that loving you didn’t happen,
so I can still find a reason to smile
despite the tears that threaten to fall.
This way no one will know how deep my wound is,
when you started slipping into the cracks
and spaces in between.

I can pretend that you didn’t come into my life
and wreaked havoc into my organized thinking mind.
So I can slowly rearrange the chaos
your presence has left me with,
until I regain some semblance of normalcy again.

-Little Ink Elf 040213-

Nameless Face


A nameless face sitting on the floor
a cigarette in hand like a wizened old man.
A face lined with scars of the past,
yet by the light of the moon his eyes sparkle with
Behind the cloud of smoke slowly exhaled
lies wisdom for someone his age.
Try as I might to fathom his beginnings,
his eloquent words when spoken stops me.
He is a puzzle I am trying to unravel
working my way to his innermost sanctum.
He closes doors to secrets that cannot be revealed,
yet opens others to welcome my questioning.
There is still a barrier strung out between us
and one that I am tempted to break.

-Little Ink Elf 030613-

Hurt Never More

Tired of all this bullshit
this feeling of being torn apart.
my insides are twisted into a knot
wondering why you haven’t come back.

This tale of ours has only begun
but it seems the attraction is already spent.
I wonder what made you turn the cold shoulder
was it something i said or something i didn’t say last?

My heart you wrenched from me
now you’re gone and never coming back.
What’s left of me I need to pick up from the ground.
Rebuilding these walls I’ve put up
to be hurt never more.

-Little Ink Elf 011713 –

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