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The Ghost of You


I can feel you
at the back of my mind
Your breath sending ripples
of remembered joy
and sadness
love indescribable
and pain, yes the pain
I thought I got rid of you
yet you’re there
waiting for my eyes to close
so you can appear
in front of me
with that wicked smile
your charm, my weakness
I remember the scars
on your face
growing red as you sip
your drink
and I thought
I could kiss the pain away
heal you
in these arms
opened wide to embrace
the hurts and burdens
you carry
But I was wrong
blinded I was
with your sweetness
Now I hurt
as the illusion falls
I was broken
damaged by false hopes
the lies repeating
like a broken record
chastising me
for believing too quickly
because there was nothing
not even from the start
And so I shelved my dreams
erased what I could
images and words
that connect me to you
yet a ghost of you remains
living in my darkness
fingers trailing
a path so familiar
to the heart once laid down
exposed to your whims
shuddering as memories
push their way to the surface
only to fade
like you

-¬©Little Ink Elf 050514 –


She Writes


Her soul she pours on every word she writes
blood mingling with the ink that flows
from her pen dipped in the blackest of days
that perpetually haunt her waking mind.
She writes as night slowly creeps in,
the shadows she embrace in comfort
letting their cold fingers wrap around flesh
pale like the moonlight that attempts to catch
a glimpse of what was once flush with life.
The web of dreams she wove on hope and promise
slowly burn like cloth put to the flame,
smoldering in oblivion as her trust turns to decay
while the hurt and pain she thought were gone remain.

-Little Ink Elf  110513-

waiting for the storm

storm clouds gather, lightning burning into
the depths of the earth.
parched, naked soil like faces upturned,
hungry for drops of rain to quench insatiable thirst
that wells up from within.
hungry for the taste of clarity that this obscured
and muddied surface dreams of.
just a taste of the tears of the heavens to wash away
the pain.

-Little Ink Elf 061313-

A Day of Ramblings

floating in a sea of emotions swirling underneath,
carried away by the raging torrent of tears,
hurtling towards an unknown end,
the current of pain catching hold of paddling feet,
tugging and tugging down to the abysmal darkness,
drinking sorrow, spewing rage, drowning in hate.

-Little Ink Elf 060813-

the sky is weeping for us
heartbroken souls staring
at the darkened heavens
that brew thunderstorms
of sorrow and pain.

the sky lights up with flashes
of lightning that threaten
to sear the ground that
we weeping souls stand on
to burn away the hurt.

-Little Ink Elf 060813-



What’s with all the lies and empty lines
when all that was wanted was a taste of heaven
in your arms?

The pleasure hidden in your kisses felt before
is now a memory swept away by the sea of time
that took everything there is of you.

How can this be the reason why this heart beats so?
When it beats with a bit of pain from absence you are so used to,
just an empty seat that is filled no longer by you.

No room for hope because everything is deteriorating,
when words of love are no longer professed,
just a silent tomb of broken bits of promises.

-Little Ink Elf 050613-

Fix Me


These broken pieces keep on falling,
patch me as I have I seem to be breaking.
The years have taken their toll on me,
this body can’t take no more of this folly.
Of loving too much but ended up hurt,
the scars have already run deep,
deep into my soul.

Fix me is all I ask. Fix me and make me new.
I have lost myself in the passage of time,
now I no longer know who I really am.
Remembering is hard to do,
I’ve lost too much and the pain’s still fresh.
I want to quit life yet here I am living.
Waiting for someone to fix me.

-Little Ink Elf 032713-

Love No More

No wonder they say love hurts.
Its very bite goes through and through.
It cuts deep within and leaves a hole,
an emptiness that cannot be filled.
The bleeding may stop but that void will remain,
a stark reminder of all that’s been given,
in return for a love that she hopes won’t be forsaken.
Yet pain has prevailed and in her heart of hearts she
she cannot go back to what was before,
because her broken heart can’t love no more.

-Little Ink Elf 020813-

Will You?

Will you find a place for me in thine arms, my sweet?
This turbulent soul untethered
floating on gossamer wings
fleeing from pain.

Will you hold my weakened body close, my dear?
Scars crisscrossing my mortal self
Blood dripping slowly draining
life from this empty shell.

Will you cry for me when my soul drifts away, my love?
Leaving you with nothing but a wrecked body?
Will you put me aground and weep?
Whisper a token prayer as I rest in peace?

-Little Ink Elf 13013-


Tempestuous love, where have you gone?
This lonely heart is aching for your warmth.
The shades I’ve drawn for I haven’t had the heart
to gaze at the predawn alone in my room.

Wicked love, how you’ve played me so.
I thought there is something special waiting for us.
Yet, you cower and flee from the fire in me
afraid to be burned, afraid to be consumed?

Betraying love, I haven’t had the heart
to fight, to be angry, to cause you pain.
I love and have loved you before
but this I will let go for I am nothing to you.

-Little Ink Elf 011513-

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