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Walk Away


There is no reason for me to stay
so I will just walk away
out the door and out of your life
never to bother or cause you strife.
I’ll push my feet to go and leave
feel the wounds that make me grieve
for our story is nearing its end
so I’ll go and try to mend
this heart that has finally broken
from the love you easily woken.

-Little Ink Elf 011114-





set adrift with hardly a care,
unspoken words left me bare,
cutting deeply unto skin and soul,
this heart now has a hole.
can’t find a way to stop the bleeding,
this gaping wound finds no healing,
in silence i love, in silence i suffer,
drifting to nowhere, what can you offer?
to stop the hurt and mend what’s broken,
would you say the words left unspoken?

-Little Ink Elf 100313-

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