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Red Stains



Once you wrapped your fingers
on tiny shards of glass
calling droplets of blood
to stain mirrored eyes that gaze
upon fragments of one’s old soul
scattered on the floor
like a thousand glistening stars
sprinkled on the dusty remains
of what were once happy memories
now corroded by time

Red stains now mingle
with teardrops that fall
splashing upon distant dreams
once stored in fragile glass
swept away in anger
as false promises bare
the simple truth about
the lies fed into a hungry mouth
sweetened with kisses
now bitter to the taste

How brittle savored memories can be
turning to dust as wounded fingers touch
jagged edges of crystal clear images
leaving wounds that turn to scars
as the years go passing by
those infinite white lines
remembrance of what was used to be
the memories of us and
who were before the parting came
embraced by the lies and the pain

-©Little Ink Elf 041014-


Was It


Was it worth the sleepless nights
the counting of passing days
the hours that trickle by?

Was it worth waiting for the morn
to feel its idle touch
to bathe in its glorious warmth?

Was it worth watching the stars
dancing in the sky
wondering if you see them too?

Was it worth sending kisses
to the wind to place upon your cheeks
to remind you of me?

Was it worth the wait
the absence of words
still trusting even in the dark?

Was it worth to hear even an echo
of your voice in my dreams
to carry it with me as I open my eyes?

Was it worth the effort given
the moments built and cherished
in the light of where we are now?

Was it everything I thought it would be
attempting to reconnect into your life
the silence in the other line?

-Little Ink Elf 120513-

when dreams that were built start to crumble and fall,
who shall weep for the memories lost?
when all desires are nothing but mere memory,
who will  come and light them again?
when hopes are dashed and broken
who will fix and make them new?
when all that remains is an empty shell
who will come and rebuild the home?

-Little Ink Elf 090713-

where did we go wrong,this story is half done,
we lost our rhythm, lost our stride,
the hand that weilds the pen no longer writes.
gone is the muse that lends her beauty,
all that’s left is an empty feeling.
tried to find the words to go along
this half finished story but they don’t come at all.
the pen remains still, no words to spill,
blank pages remain unblemished.
tried to find memories to fuel,
this writing hand that remains unmoving,
but all i found were broken pieces
of memories long forgotten.
where to find the spark to start the fire within,
to churn words to cover these empty pages?
when all that is left are faded images
of the things we used to love to get lost in?

-Little Ink Elf 090413-

If This Will be The Last

If this will be the last
I will lay my heart at your feet
with all its scars and hurts
its hopes and dreams
everything I have to offer
to you I will give.

If this will be the last
I will not bind you with tears
but with love I’ll set you free
no words are needed to be said
you can turn around and walk away.

If this will be the last
I will not ask you to stay
nor beg or plead on bended knees
but watch you with these brown eyes
searing your image in my mind.

If this will be the last,
leave me with happier memories,
ones I can go back to time and again,
just to remind me that you were real,
and had the chance to call you mine.

-Little Ink Elf 090113-

Fading Memories

In the corners of her mind she wanders
her jumbled thoughts never making any sense.
Try as she might her grasp always falters.
memories slip between her fingers
forgetting faces and feelings.

Memories like who held her hands last,
and what love really meant,
nothing seems to matter to her
as she strolls around her head,
with a vacant stare.

She remembers nothing, not even the butterflies
that follow her around and flutter
when she comes across a face she once knew.
An old lover or a broken hearted man.

Nameless faces never stirred life in her eyes
for they are all the same.
No one deserves a place in her heart for they’ve given
nothing but empty promises and a broken heart.

Because at the end of the day
when everything’s over,
all that is left are forgotten faces
and fading memories not worth remembering.

– Little Ink Elf 030513-

Untitled II

Sitting underneath the star-studded skies,
I whisper a prayer to the heavens above.
That I find the freedom to love you completely,
with nothing to bar my heart nor break my hold.
For this love I feel, you nursed to life,
yet now I question its validity.
Am I free to love you dear,
or will I crash and fall to an endless abyss?
Filled with questions and confusion,
bitterness and endless tears?
My heart has opened up to you,
and I hope your heart has too.
I may not have all the skills of a lover,
yet when I say “I love you” I mean it
for it’s the truth.
Even now when silence reigns,
I think of you night and day.
You might fall back in love but not with me,
I’ll just cherish our memories,
no matter how fleeting they may be.

-Little Ink Elf 021113-

Can’t Last Forever

Can’t Last Forever

We kid ourselves that everything is alright
that we started on the right track
but interests do fade
like memories

We both know that this won’t last forever
our time together is rather fleeting
tomorrow will be different
you’ll see

We should enjoy what we have today
and think of the morrow no more
lest we find the day
grow cold

We really need to learn to say goodbye
because we can’t last forever
our memories today can be
gone tomorrow

-Little Ink Elf 121512-

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