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And I Would Have

And I would have wished for the moon and the stars,
to brightly shine upon the night sky,
showing you the road that leads back to me,
back to my hearth, my home, my arms tonight.

And I would have wished for the sun to bathe us warm,
as we stir beneath the sheets from the deepest of sleeps,
arms enfolding one against the other,
like true lovers, souls entwined.

And I would have wished to open my eyes and see yours,
gazing at me with such love that you can bear,
while our hearts beat the same rhythm in our chests,
a tempo that we are already used to.

And I would have wished that time be on our side,
stopping still while our hearts unite,
merging souls encased in passion,
until all we ever wanted has finally happened.

And I would have wished that we can stay like this forever,
your hands in mine and mine in yours,
sealed with a promise to never let go,
whatever happens I’ll be forever yours.

And I would have wished that no tears will fall,
from eyes that once perceived love divine,
and yet they come without warning, unrelenting,
falling down in careless rivulets.

And I would have wished that you stay longer,
to hold me close one last time,
wipe away the tears that fell from brooding eyes,
and kiss my lips before you say goodbye.
-Little Ink Elf 082713-


Nowhere to be Found

I’ve tried shouting your name against the horrible
darkness that pervades my mind,
hoping that you will hear my call and come to aid me.
But only the echo of my voice bounced back from the
depths of my fragile mind,
repeating your name over and over again.
You don’t know how hard it is to keep silent and still,
when the world around me is slowly crumbling down.
I wished with all my heart and with my eyes closed,
that you will appear before me and hold me close,
protecting me against the shadows of despair that
looms above me, and banish away the hurts that sear
my flesh.
Only when I opened my eyes and as my wish fades
from my lips,
the only thing that I see before me is nothing but a
shadow of a thought I’ve created to help me instead.
I’ve nothing left but emptiness inside me because you
were nowhere to be found.
Not even my call reached your ears and now I am
wondering why.

-Little Ink Elf 042913-

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