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The Ghost of You


I can feel you
at the back of my mind
Your breath sending ripples
of remembered joy
and sadness
love indescribable
and pain, yes the pain
I thought I got rid of you
yet you’re there
waiting for my eyes to close
so you can appear
in front of me
with that wicked smile
your charm, my weakness
I remember the scars
on your face
growing red as you sip
your drink
and I thought
I could kiss the pain away
heal you
in these arms
opened wide to embrace
the hurts and burdens
you carry
But I was wrong
blinded I was
with your sweetness
Now I hurt
as the illusion falls
I was broken
damaged by false hopes
the lies repeating
like a broken record
chastising me
for believing too quickly
because there was nothing
not even from the start
And so I shelved my dreams
erased what I could
images and words
that connect me to you
yet a ghost of you remains
living in my darkness
fingers trailing
a path so familiar
to the heart once laid down
exposed to your whims
shuddering as memories
push their way to the surface
only to fade
like you

-¬©Little Ink Elf 050514 –




drifting into
in a sea of uncertainty
the pains of the past
nibbling on flesh
drained of life
lying immobile
against the stillness
of the silence
you made.
without purpose
without hope
without direction
cut off
from your side
sailing away
like a forgotten thought
nowhere to go
nowhere to turn to
except the darkness
that constantly beckons.

-Little Ink Elf 010914-


from this wretched box
is all I seek.
There is no light
Bound by nothingness,
chained by madness,
desperate for life
yet locked up tight.
Break me free,
save me from me.

-Little Ink Elf 022813-

I am lost.
This is who I am
a walking talking shell.
Drifting aimlessly
without thought
not even feelings.

-Little Ink Elf 022813-



fading memory, fading light,
a shadow of threat and dread collide.
fanning the embers of worry and doubt,
until they blossom into a fiery blaze.
an inferno that dances in her already frayed mind,
burning her every waking thought.
her perfect beginnings melting away,
until fragments of thoughts are all that’s left behind,
doubt filled sentient mind,
colors pale against the fires of trepidation.
feeling lost and alone in her own little world,
waiting for a cup of water to extinguish the flames
of doubt that consumes her,
and waiting still.

-Little Ink Elf 020713-

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