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shush dear heart
silence your lips
your words flow
without any meaning

still your mouth
your darkness spills
with every breath
you slowly kill

hold your tongue
its sharpness wounds
no longer interested
in loving words

-©Little Ink Elf 032014-


The flames begin to dance on papers holding dreams
of worlds wrapped in sheets of half baked promises
and lies dipped in the sweetest of things.
A pair of eyes watch as the edges burn and curl,
watching yet not seeing the words painstakingly written
be devoured by the fire lusting after broken dreams
covered in tears that fall from eyes that no longer see,
the future once written with a smile on each others lips
for it ended up in flames as the shadows start closing in.

-Little Ink Elf 091113-

From Your Lips


enchanting words that spill from your lips longing to be kissed,
wrap their arms around a heart seeking the ultimate bliss.
yet these words that pour forth from those mesmerizing lips,
transform themselves into knives that wound so deep.
as these sharp steeled words slowly slice their way through,
tendrils of blood slowly ooze from shallow wounds inflicted.
all that was asked was a love filled with the beauty of innocence,
yet the words that resonate from thy lips possessed magic that paralyzes.
caught up in a web of utter lies disguised in honeyed tongue,
it’s no wonder this heart fell in love with the idea of love that you professed.
using words that sway and hypnotize, there is no doubt that you’ve captured many hearts this way.
and here you’ve caught another one that clings to hope,
that the love it will receive won’t hurt it anymore.
but it seems those enchanting words that roll from your lips,
are nothing more but nightmares enveloped in lines so sweet.

-Little Ink Elf 060413-

Why Go On?


Why wish for tomorrow to arrive
when your side of the bed is bereft of you?
Why dream of better things for the two of us
when the night draws down on me alone?
Why do I have to close my eyes
when all I want is to open them so I can see you?
Why go on at all knowing that you’ve left?
Why should I press my lips to yours
when I know that I will taste the bitterness of tears?
Why do I have to keep on professing this love
when I know you can’t give what I crave the most?
Why write down notes from the heart
knowing that you’re not around to read them at all?
Why go on pretending that you care
when your presence I no longer feel?
Why don’t these tears come when I want them
now that I needed it the most?
Why can’t I purge these feelings from my soul
when all I want is to forget them so badly?

-Little Ink Elf 042313 –



Offering love with hands scarred by long lost lovers.
Boundless beauty lights her up from within.
Yet in her unnatural grace she knows,
that beauty doesn’t last so do her lovers.

Beating heart broken time and time again,
useless tears keep falling over and over again.
Her sorrows she bear in silence,
so becoming in her own pale face.

No sigh will escape her lips,
when her lovers disappear.
But a smile will shine upon her face
when blood stained tears pour,
from those who chose to defile her
unadorned love innocent of lies.

Until satisfaction she receives,
as she presses a chilling and nightmarish kiss,
on feverish cheeks of a lover
bowing down on bended knees.

– Little Ink Elf 031113-

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