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If This Will be The Last

If this will be the last
I will lay my heart at your feet
with all its scars and hurts
its hopes and dreams
everything I have to offer
to you I will give.

If this will be the last
I will not bind you with tears
but with love I’ll set you free
no words are needed to be said
you can turn around and walk away.

If this will be the last
I will not ask you to stay
nor beg or plead on bended knees
but watch you with these brown eyes
searing your image in my mind.

If this will be the last,
leave me with happier memories,
ones I can go back to time and again,
just to remind me that you were real,
and had the chance to call you mine.

-Little Ink Elf 090113-




golden liquor that runs down parched throat,
sending senses reeling away from reality.
a touch of sadness can be seen upon eyes
that try to plumb this liquor’s mysteries.
bubbles float and foam forms,
on still surface that glistens against the light.
mirroring eyes red in the aftermath of tears,
trying to strengthen false courage with every sip
from the lips of its ice cold beer.
trying to be brave, trying to live even when its
heart knows it has already lost the war that love
has forced upon it.
with red rimmed eyes and cracked lips whispering
its hurts to deaf ears of its liquid companion,
drowning its heart, drowning its soul,
losing sanity, breaking down, breaking apart.

-Little Ink Elf 070113-

Bleeding Hearts


bleeding hearts that are thrown out in haste,
are now scarred with pain and marred by anguish.
for there is no tomorrow for broken hearts forgotten
in a ditch somewhere in this cold, lonesome world
where loveless souls pass by in so much hurry.
the slow beats of these bleeding hearts
are like fading drums echoing in the dark,
bouncing off walls like a tired man’s knuckles rapping,
against his chest as he wheezes in agony.
for there is no comfort to be found for hearts that bleed,
as hope flickers and fades in the distant darkness,
only the hands of death can heal and mend,
and by planting a chilling kiss all their hurts just fade away.

-Little Ink Elf 062413-

Nowhere to be Found

I’ve tried shouting your name against the horrible
darkness that pervades my mind,
hoping that you will hear my call and come to aid me.
But only the echo of my voice bounced back from the
depths of my fragile mind,
repeating your name over and over again.
You don’t know how hard it is to keep silent and still,
when the world around me is slowly crumbling down.
I wished with all my heart and with my eyes closed,
that you will appear before me and hold me close,
protecting me against the shadows of despair that
looms above me, and banish away the hurts that sear
my flesh.
Only when I opened my eyes and as my wish fades
from my lips,
the only thing that I see before me is nothing but a
shadow of a thought I’ve created to help me instead.
I’ve nothing left but emptiness inside me because you
were nowhere to be found.
Not even my call reached your ears and now I am
wondering why.

-Little Ink Elf 042913-

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