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it is your sadness that speaks
stirring this soul that resides in the dark
the shadows that lurk behind your eyes
are the monsters caged inside this heart
we fear, we falter, we fail, we fall
over and over, again and again
like broken records that know no end
and we kept on repeating the same mistakes
never learning, never letting go
yearning for the same touch that burns
the same dangerous love that hurts
the scars they map out the path we took
crisscrossing our hearts and soul
invisible to the eyes yet only we can feel
the depths of the wounds that healed
as time caresses the hurts we nurse
closing them yet reminding us
on how we keep on falling for the same tricks
the same sins that we wallow in
in the aftermath of our tears

-©Little Ink Elf 052414-





Have you ever listened to the silence
of your thoughts that seem to reverberate
eerily into the darkness that touches
the innermost chambers of your trembling heart?

Do you fear the truth hidden within
the mist that forms behind your eyes
as you stare longingly into the stars
where you sent your whispered prayers?

Do you feel the thunderous sound
of your raging, beating heart
as it attempts to break free
from its rigid prison?

Would you even pick up the pieces
of the remains of your former self
shattered by promises broken
as it litter the ground?

Would you even breathe love
when the scars you bear reflect
the rugged paths you’ve taken
just to find the warmth you crave?

Do you even dare to live
knowing that pain will come
enveloping you in its familiar embrace
seeping into your tattered soul?

-©Little Ink Elf 050214-

Words Float


your words float
like petrified clouds
hovering above me
out of reach
yet always there
for me to read
to remember
as i lie in bed
fighting back
threatening tears
that will come
as the lights go dim
and the night comes
as it always do

-©Little Ink Elf 040714-

The Ocean


we were lost
in the rushing waves
of forgetfulness,
the words engulfed
in the chaos,
constantly swirling
in confusion.

we lost sight of
who we are,
who we were,
as we were drowned by
our disillusions
wrapped in our ocean
of forbidden dreams.

we were lost
amidst the sounds
of the water crashing
into our bodies,
carrying us into
blinding us with
recurring darkness
as we grasp for breath
inside this liquid tomb.

we were lost,
clasped hands broken
by failed promises,
flailing uselessly
against the incoming
wrath of doubt
that weighed us down.

we were lost
as our wandering ship
capsized under
our unsteady feet,
throwing us into the
deadly embrace of once
calm waters
now churning in unrest.

we were lost,
hurtling towards
the waiting embrace
of the cold waters,
and in the depths
of the silence,
in the heart of the ocean,
we found ourselves
too late…

-©Little Ink Elf 030514-

Fire in the Hearth


by Vincent Van Gogh

I seem to be missing something
that feeling of magical bliss
surrounded by the warmth of love
how come it has already gone?

The coldness has slipped in
the fire in the hearth has died
the wind has scattered the remains
there’s nothing left, not even a memory.

How to ignite the fire that once burned
bringing back the warmth I crave the most?
Would the flames return to brightly blaze
or will it just be the ashes that remain?

-Little Ink Elf012114-

Fragile is the Heart

Fragile is the heart that is slowly losing hope
that its whispered prayers will be heard
in the silence of the night that grows ever so long
in the absence of the light that you bear
where chilling winds make their home inside
the heart where love once reigned but now gone.

Would the pleas given voice by falling tears
dry up as your hands caress them away
from wet cheeks that you once tenderly kissed
when the world revolved around our entwined hands
and shadows merging into the starlit skies
moving as one while time stood still?

Fragile is the heart then when the dreams start to fade
like the setting sun’s rays that disappear into the horizon
as night’s cold fingers break daylight’s hold
letting the chill breath of silence makes its way
towards the flickering flame of hope that resides
in this heart for it to vanquish once and for all.

-Little Ink Elf 122713-

From Your Lips


enchanting words that spill from your lips longing to be kissed,
wrap their arms around a heart seeking the ultimate bliss.
yet these words that pour forth from those mesmerizing lips,
transform themselves into knives that wound so deep.
as these sharp steeled words slowly slice their way through,
tendrils of blood slowly ooze from shallow wounds inflicted.
all that was asked was a love filled with the beauty of innocence,
yet the words that resonate from thy lips possessed magic that paralyzes.
caught up in a web of utter lies disguised in honeyed tongue,
it’s no wonder this heart fell in love with the idea of love that you professed.
using words that sway and hypnotize, there is no doubt that you’ve captured many hearts this way.
and here you’ve caught another one that clings to hope,
that the love it will receive won’t hurt it anymore.
but it seems those enchanting words that roll from your lips,
are nothing more but nightmares enveloped in lines so sweet.

-Little Ink Elf 060413-

Love No More

No wonder they say love hurts.
Its very bite goes through and through.
It cuts deep within and leaves a hole,
an emptiness that cannot be filled.
The bleeding may stop but that void will remain,
a stark reminder of all that’s been given,
in return for a love that she hopes won’t be forsaken.
Yet pain has prevailed and in her heart of hearts she
she cannot go back to what was before,
because her broken heart can’t love no more.

-Little Ink Elf 020813-

Will You?

Will you find a place for me in thine arms, my sweet?
This turbulent soul untethered
floating on gossamer wings
fleeing from pain.

Will you hold my weakened body close, my dear?
Scars crisscrossing my mortal self
Blood dripping slowly draining
life from this empty shell.

Will you cry for me when my soul drifts away, my love?
Leaving you with nothing but a wrecked body?
Will you put me aground and weep?
Whisper a token prayer as I rest in peace?

-Little Ink Elf 13013-

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