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Red Stains



Once you wrapped your fingers
on tiny shards of glass
calling droplets of blood
to stain mirrored eyes that gaze
upon fragments of one’s old soul
scattered on the floor
like a thousand glistening stars
sprinkled on the dusty remains
of what were once happy memories
now corroded by time

Red stains now mingle
with teardrops that fall
splashing upon distant dreams
once stored in fragile glass
swept away in anger
as false promises bare
the simple truth about
the lies fed into a hungry mouth
sweetened with kisses
now bitter to the taste

How brittle savored memories can be
turning to dust as wounded fingers touch
jagged edges of crystal clear images
leaving wounds that turn to scars
as the years go passing by
those infinite white lines
remembrance of what was used to be
the memories of us and
who were before the parting came
embraced by the lies and the pain

-©Little Ink Elf 041014-


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