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Words Exhausted

from juneroca.com

words are all but exhausted
as they fall on deaf ears
carried away by the wind
and the fall of precious tears.

penned in the darkness
as the soul tries to commune
with the silence that seems to echo
into the emptiness within.

why would hope be present
when your absence is here?
spreading its coldness
where warmth used to live?

-Little Ink Elf 010614-


Lie in the shadows, alone with your thoughts,
no light penetrates the gloom, just darkness on
Trying to break free of the bonds,
holding you down, holding you tight,
keeping you chained by your own doubts,
imprisoning you from within.
No light can reach the shroud of shadows you wear,
covering eyes that no longer see,
the future and everything that can be hoped for,
just the vast emptiness of the heart,
where the sounds of despair only echo in its infinite

-Little Ink Elf 072113-

If I Were


If I were a romantic soul
I would be wooing you with roses and kisses,
to bring that smile to your lips and your eyes,
for they so badly need it,

If I were a hungry soul,
I would be feeding on your love
satiating the emptiness in me,
until I am full with it.

If I were a lonely soul,
I would find an excuse to stay by your side,
holding your hand while listening to your words,
until this loneliness leaves me.

If I were a broken soul,
I would kneel before you and ask
whether you have hands that heal
a broken person like me.

If I were a dying soul,
I would write to you these thoughts,
and leave it by your side for you to read,
so you will know how much you meant to me.

-Little Ink Elf 041313-

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