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Was It


Was it worth the sleepless nights
the counting of passing days
the hours that trickle by?

Was it worth waiting for the morn
to feel its idle touch
to bathe in its glorious warmth?

Was it worth watching the stars
dancing in the sky
wondering if you see them too?

Was it worth sending kisses
to the wind to place upon your cheeks
to remind you of me?

Was it worth the wait
the absence of words
still trusting even in the dark?

Was it worth to hear even an echo
of your voice in my dreams
to carry it with me as I open my eyes?

Was it worth the effort given
the moments built and cherished
in the light of where we are now?

Was it everything I thought it would be
attempting to reconnect into your life
the silence in the other line?

-Little Ink Elf 120513-


Cold Nights


Cold nights are my company
with pen and paper on hand
thoughts float towards you
wanting to be close to you.
Softly I whisper your name
wishing you were here with me
but the nights remain empty
penning dreams on paper
letting the fire burn through me
burn away the loneliness
dry the tears that seem to fall
from eyes that gaze towards the stars
that float in front of me
wishing I could pluck them from the sky
and send them to you
to light your path when night comes
hoping that one day you’ll look up and see
the dreams I want to build with you.

-Little Ink Elf 111613-

She Writes


Her soul she pours on every word she writes
blood mingling with the ink that flows
from her pen dipped in the blackest of days
that perpetually haunt her waking mind.
She writes as night slowly creeps in,
the shadows she embrace in comfort
letting their cold fingers wrap around flesh
pale like the moonlight that attempts to catch
a glimpse of what was once flush with life.
The web of dreams she wove on hope and promise
slowly burn like cloth put to the flame,
smoldering in oblivion as her trust turns to decay
while the hurt and pain she thought were gone remain.

-Little Ink Elf  110513-


In your silence I break like fragile glass,
where carefully built dreams litter the floor.
Sharp and jagged, cutting me to the quick,
drops of blood mingling with tears that flow.
How can I mend these broken bits of me,
when picking them up is already hard to do.
Your image is all I see mirrored in the debris,
and when fingers touch them, the pain becomes so real.

If I could just put them all together,
maybe everything will be alright,
between you and me tonight,
if not i’ll leave you a kiss
before I say goodbye.

In your silence I break like brittle sticks,
bent and broken, snapping like dried up twigs.
My mind is reeling from this sad reality,
hello shadows, have you come to claim my sanity?
How can I trust myself to live again,
when the fire that used to burn no longer gives off heat?
You were the one that warmed this once cold heart,
but in your silence I became undone.

Now if I could just put them all together,
maybe everything will be alright,
between you and me tonight.
If not I’ll just walk away and leave,
a kiss I’ll give for you to remember me by.

-Little Ink Elf 092613-

The flames begin to dance on papers holding dreams
of worlds wrapped in sheets of half baked promises
and lies dipped in the sweetest of things.
A pair of eyes watch as the edges burn and curl,
watching yet not seeing the words painstakingly written
be devoured by the fire lusting after broken dreams
covered in tears that fall from eyes that no longer see,
the future once written with a smile on each others lips
for it ended up in flames as the shadows start closing in.

-Little Ink Elf 091113-

when dreams that were built start to crumble and fall,
who shall weep for the memories lost?
when all desires are nothing but mere memory,
who will  come and light them again?
when hopes are dashed and broken
who will fix and make them new?
when all that remains is an empty shell
who will come and rebuild the home?

-Little Ink Elf 090713-



You’ve put me on the sidelines,
never letting me enter your dreams.
I’m just a chance passenger waiting
for a space in your heart to squeeze in,
just a little hole is enough for me,
so I can get closer to your heart
and make a home there for me.
You’ve put me aside so easily,
putting distance between you and me,
yet I’m a fool who is still waiting,
that you’ll come back to me.

-Little Ink Elf 080513-



Half baked promises are the food we eat,
the paths we walk are no longer straight.
The dreams we’ve shared start to disappear,
like figments of imagination that start to dissipate.
Have we gone so far apart to feel nothing but disdain?
When we used to see everything except the pain?
How blurred our visions have become,
for the tears are coursing down as we walk
the same steps we’ve taken while we held hands.
Can’t find any rhyme or reason for us to be apart,
but it seems love took flight on flightless wings
and left us in the dark.

-Little Ink Elf 062013-

Private Hell


Burning letters, burning dreams
love put on hold clouding her eyes.
Tears do fall yet remain unnoticed,
each drop desperately clinging to her
long dark lashes.
Blurred lines and visions is all she sees,
trying to retain a semblance of heaven
in her own private hell.

-Little Ink Elf 040913-

Repairing Thoughts


Repair these broken threads of thoughts
with words conjured from nowhere,
until we form a coherent story
that we can write on liquid paper.
To be carried out into the seas
along with all our hopes and dreams,
with candles floating in the wind
to guide us back to our beginnings,
when love was still strong in us,
unlike now when we are already drifting apart.

-eamarifosque 040913-

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