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Long Gone

If you wake up one morning and find you’re missing someone
don’t look for me,
I have long been gone from your side, your life
you just didn’t notice.
Wrapped up in your own world living in torment
you forgot my hand holding yours,
You sought the darkness when I brought you light,
you craved loneliness even in my company.
You chose not to live with me but without me.
I have gone away to seek the pieces of me that have fallen
along the road when I chose to follow you.
Pieces of me that broke everytime you shroud yourself
with the veil of selfishness and forgetfulness.
The pain was worth it or so I thought
for I wished that I could save you from the darkness in you.
And yet it wasn’t enough was it?
The things I did were for you and only you
yet you dismissed them as if they’re worth nothing.
The plans we built as we whispered into the night
were all for naught since they are now scattered into the wind.
You tortured me with your indifference
your silence, the feigned interest.
How could I go on when you didn’t even notice my despair?
I have fallen hard and the pain is just everywhere,
I lied when I said I was strong because I didn’t want you to see
the fragile stitches that make the most of me.
One cut and the rest will unravel,
flailing, falling, breaking, dying.

-Little Ink Elf 121913-


Lie in the shadows, alone with your thoughts,
no light penetrates the gloom, just darkness on
Trying to break free of the bonds,
holding you down, holding you tight,
keeping you chained by your own doubts,
imprisoning you from within.
No light can reach the shroud of shadows you wear,
covering eyes that no longer see,
the future and everything that can be hoped for,
just the vast emptiness of the heart,
where the sounds of despair only echo in its infinite

-Little Ink Elf 072113-

the feeling of not caring
unheeding of the cries
of the heart that longs
for a love dreamed
for so long.

the feeling of promises
broken by lips you thought
were whispering the words
that their heart is saying.

the feeling of being lost
amidst the hurt and pain
that war within the heart
that seeks nothing but love.

the feeling planted by the
distance you have put between
us and the future we seek
when we’re just beginning.

the feeling of bitterness
that linger on tongue that
tasted the lies that spewed
from a mouth you trusted.

the feeling that you can’t
accept that the one you trusted
has given you a love that
is empty of feelings.

-Little Ink Elf 051913-

Nowhere to be Found

I’ve tried shouting your name against the horrible
darkness that pervades my mind,
hoping that you will hear my call and come to aid me.
But only the echo of my voice bounced back from the
depths of my fragile mind,
repeating your name over and over again.
You don’t know how hard it is to keep silent and still,
when the world around me is slowly crumbling down.
I wished with all my heart and with my eyes closed,
that you will appear before me and hold me close,
protecting me against the shadows of despair that
looms above me, and banish away the hurts that sear
my flesh.
Only when I opened my eyes and as my wish fades
from my lips,
the only thing that I see before me is nothing but a
shadow of a thought I’ve created to help me instead.
I’ve nothing left but emptiness inside me because you
were nowhere to be found.
Not even my call reached your ears and now I am
wondering why.

-Little Ink Elf 042913-

Silly Girl

Silly Girl

Silly girl, look at you

your pretty smiles

have now faded.

The one you love has

gone and left you.

Now you sit by the steps

waiting for your lover

who has moved on

to greener pastures.

Silly girl, look at you

the mirror says it all.

You’ve forgotten who

you really are.

Life’s not fair

but don’t despair.

Love can be fickle

but soon you’ll find

someone even better.

-LittleInkElf 120812-

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