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Words Exhausted

from juneroca.com

words are all but exhausted
as they fall on deaf ears
carried away by the wind
and the fall of precious tears.

penned in the darkness
as the soul tries to commune
with the silence that seems to echo
into the emptiness within.

why would hope be present
when your absence is here?
spreading its coldness
where warmth used to live?

-Little Ink Elf 010614-


Love Song


As I write these words I know you won’t hear
the music that accompanies them.
For this silent love song is made to be heard
only by a heart that knows what love truly is.
You can’t find the tune to the soul who wrote this,
because you didn’t take the time to listen.
I’ve been playing it for years hoping you’ll hear
but it seems to me that it has fallen on deaf ears.
A love song I wrote for you and you alone,
but you weren’t there to listen to my song.
If only you spent time with me, you’ll understand
why I never sang this song when you’re around.
It’s because I taught my heart to sing it for you,
and only your heart will hear if only you loved me too.

-Little Ink Elf 053013-

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