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Darkness Within


in between the words and worlds you build
i can see the darkness that lies within
lying in wait between the cracks and crevices
bleeding slowly into the dreams you’ve penned.

you try to hide what you fear the most
the darkness that consumed you long ago,
yet i can feel it nestled within the words you weave
they call to me, the blackest of your sins.

yet i feel no fear where darkness lies
as i trace them reverently with my fingertips
they’re but scars and hurts that can be healed
give me leave to bind them with kisses and silks.

-©Little Ink Elf 012714-




drifting into
in a sea of uncertainty
the pains of the past
nibbling on flesh
drained of life
lying immobile
against the stillness
of the silence
you made.
without purpose
without hope
without direction
cut off
from your side
sailing away
like a forgotten thought
nowhere to go
nowhere to turn to
except the darkness
that constantly beckons.

-Little Ink Elf 010914-

Long Gone

If you wake up one morning and find you’re missing someone
don’t look for me,
I have long been gone from your side, your life
you just didn’t notice.
Wrapped up in your own world living in torment
you forgot my hand holding yours,
You sought the darkness when I brought you light,
you craved loneliness even in my company.
You chose not to live with me but without me.
I have gone away to seek the pieces of me that have fallen
along the road when I chose to follow you.
Pieces of me that broke everytime you shroud yourself
with the veil of selfishness and forgetfulness.
The pain was worth it or so I thought
for I wished that I could save you from the darkness in you.
And yet it wasn’t enough was it?
The things I did were for you and only you
yet you dismissed them as if they’re worth nothing.
The plans we built as we whispered into the night
were all for naught since they are now scattered into the wind.
You tortured me with your indifference
your silence, the feigned interest.
How could I go on when you didn’t even notice my despair?
I have fallen hard and the pain is just everywhere,
I lied when I said I was strong because I didn’t want you to see
the fragile stitches that make the most of me.
One cut and the rest will unravel,
flailing, falling, breaking, dying.

-Little Ink Elf 121913-



Where is this thing called hope that fuels
the heart that is put on hold?
No warmth touches its halls but icy tendrils
of smoke fill its chambers.
The lights that once hold back the shadows
are no longer shining bright.
Just darkness and silence are left
chilling the heart, making it hard, cold as stone.
Everything we’ve done, you’ve undone,
your indifference and feigned interest kills.
All the dreams we’ve built you’ve destroyed,
all it took was your mocking silence that ruined it all.
Reaching out was like touching a brick wall,
unyielding, unbending, towering above me.
There is no room for me of that I am sure,
now that we’re coming undone.
The strings we’ve tied are already unraveling,
faster than it took us to bind one another with them.
The fire we’ve started is already dying down,
you’ve trampled and dispersed it with your feet.
All that’s left are the ashes of our past and my hopes,
burned to the ground, blown by the wind,
gone forever.

-Little Ink Elf 072413-

Lie in the shadows, alone with your thoughts,
no light penetrates the gloom, just darkness on
Trying to break free of the bonds,
holding you down, holding you tight,
keeping you chained by your own doubts,
imprisoning you from within.
No light can reach the shroud of shadows you wear,
covering eyes that no longer see,
the future and everything that can be hoped for,
just the vast emptiness of the heart,
where the sounds of despair only echo in its infinite

-Little Ink Elf 072113-


Take back those words that you haunt my dreams
for they cripple me with distaste and displeasure
as nightmares come and creep
holding me down, holding me tight.
Such words that aim to hurt aren’t meant
to cross your lips,
such sweet lips that once settled on mine own.
Poisoned words that drip with every utterance
has consumed the very best in me,
as they send me reeling back with a frightened heart
beating like a drum that echoes inside my head
as your words vibrate and resonate with
the madness and darkness that you called love.
Even as I cover my ears I can still hear
those dangerous words you speak relentlessly
pursuing me in my dreams.
Words that were once coated with passion
no longer give me the warmth that I crave for.
All that is left is the cold winter’s chill,
like death’s kiss placed on pale cheeks.
Where is the fire that burned my senses
every time your lips part to tell me the words
I longed to hear?
Where is that spark that sends those shivers
down my spine?
Did you even feel them at all or was it all in my head?

-Little Ink Elf 070913-

A Day of Ramblings

floating in a sea of emotions swirling underneath,
carried away by the raging torrent of tears,
hurtling towards an unknown end,
the current of pain catching hold of paddling feet,
tugging and tugging down to the abysmal darkness,
drinking sorrow, spewing rage, drowning in hate.

-Little Ink Elf 060813-

the sky is weeping for us
heartbroken souls staring
at the darkened heavens
that brew thunderstorms
of sorrow and pain.

the sky lights up with flashes
of lightning that threaten
to sear the ground that
we weeping souls stand on
to burn away the hurt.

-Little Ink Elf 060813-

Cannot Predict Now


The words of the magic 8 ball
float from the inky darkness
answering a question formed by lips
seeking solace in silence.
An answer that is a bit
disheartening yet offering a chance for
the right response in the next shake of the ball,
dizzied by questions that demand answers
from the depths of its heart that holds
the key to a smile or a frown
seen on a face desperate for
some truths denied for so long.
Relying on its rounded figure that
“cannot predict now” whether there is
a chance of heaven in this hellhole
that is filled with eyes that stare
and lips that sneer from their lofty perch
on faces that know nothing of
heartaches and pain.

-Little Ink Elf 050713-

Untitled III

chain these hands lest they strangle the life out of me,
my soul is weighed down with a heavy heart i cannot see.
the things i think are none too pleasant,
for darkness is within me.
it’s grip is tight i cannot break free
for the bleeding will start
and it will be the end of me.

– Little Ink Elf 021313-

Who I Am

Who I am

I am the darkness that seeps into your soul
that drinks from the light in you.
I am the shadow that stalks you
as you walk beneath the streetlamps.
I am the nightmare that you shy from at night
as you lie in bed shivering in the cold.
I am the dark side of you rising from the depths
of your innocence.
I am and will always be, the other side of you.

-Little Ink Elf 121212-

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