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set adrift with hardly a care,
unspoken words left me bare,
cutting deeply unto skin and soul,
this heart now has a hole.
can’t find a way to stop the bleeding,
this gaping wound finds no healing,
in silence i love, in silence i suffer,
drifting to nowhere, what can you offer?
to stop the hurt and mend what’s broken,
would you say the words left unspoken?

-Little Ink Elf 100313-




If I will write the story of us, where should I begin?
Should I start when our paths first crossed,
or should I fast forward to where we are now?
Should I write about the plans we made,
the dreams we shared,
when now they’ve all been but erased?

Where to begin the story of us?
When all I can see is the coming of the end?
The paths we once walked are no longer the same,
we’ve changed, we’ve ceased to care.

What else is there to write about?
When all the thoughts we had
had all been erased?
Would our story ever continue
even when the world conspires against us?

Will there even be a story of us,
one that we could write together?
Or shall we let this story fade,
let time works its way,
until all that was has been completely erased?

-Little Ink Elf 081213-

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