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Beautifully Broken

Beautifully Broken. A beautiful piece that speaks of what I’m going through at the moment. Please do drop by her site at http://calliopeslyre.wordpress.com/.


Fix Me


These broken pieces keep on falling,
patch me as I have I seem to be breaking.
The years have taken their toll on me,
this body can’t take no more of this folly.
Of loving too much but ended up hurt,
the scars have already run deep,
deep into my soul.

Fix me is all I ask. Fix me and make me new.
I have lost myself in the passage of time,
now I no longer know who I really am.
Remembering is hard to do,
I’ve lost too much and the pain’s still fresh.
I want to quit life yet here I am living.
Waiting for someone to fix me.

-Little Ink Elf 032713-

I Fell For You

i took a bite out of the love you’ve offered me,
for you’ve coated it with honey kisses and passionate pleas.
i fell for you and the sweet promises you’ve given,
i could not help but feel like a fool for listening.
i am trapped in the snare you’ve laid out for me,
stupid child, so blindly trusting.
i thought i’ve learned my lesson long ago,
to never wear your heart on your sleeves.
although i do long for kisses sweet and deep,
and soft caresses against my skin,
never again will i be tempted,
by empty words and broken promises.

-Little Ink Elf 020813-


Here’s something that I wrote a few days ago that I can’t seem to put a title to it. Maybe you can help me out? 🙂 Comment away and I’ll seriously consider suggestions.


Wrecked from a past that cannot be defined,
curled up on an empty bed, her body lies.
Shivering from the cold yet no one to comfort her
Wishing her tears won’t fall against the satin sheet
whiteness of her new found loneliness.

Battered and broken, trying to put back the pieces
of her life, her love and her dreams.
Her soul weeps a thousandfold.
Where did they all go, her friends, her muse?

Alone in her mind decaying with sadness
gone is the vibrant woman with a tinkling laugh.
Her cracked lips no longer breaks into a beautiful smile,
her gaze reaching inwards to deeper isolation.

Who can reach her thoughts to save her?
Who can wake her up from the darkness within?
Her soul laid bare, her thoughts all a jumble.
Will she perish in the dark, alone and broken?

-Little Ink Elf 012813-


It was a thought that grew in my mind
a thought of you and me together as one.
But this thought bubble of mine you pricked
with your callous ways and your cold treatment.

I am hurt but it’s best to keep it this way
another lesson learned to add to my misery.
Never again will I fall so easily
my heart needs love but you dismissed it so quickly.

If you can’t keep your word don’t say anything
it’s better to act instead of uttering words without meaning
I’ve waited and watched and counted the days
yet your presence I did not feel not in so many ways.

I thank you dear passerby for bringing a memory
of what I thought was love along with its illusions.
Now it’s my turn to break the hold you have on me
my heart needs release but you don’t have the key.

-Little Ink Elf 011713-

Hurt Never More

Tired of all this bullshit
this feeling of being torn apart.
my insides are twisted into a knot
wondering why you haven’t come back.

This tale of ours has only begun
but it seems the attraction is already spent.
I wonder what made you turn the cold shoulder
was it something i said or something i didn’t say last?

My heart you wrenched from me
now you’re gone and never coming back.
What’s left of me I need to pick up from the ground.
Rebuilding these walls I’ve put up
to be hurt never more.

-Little Ink Elf 011713 –


Tempestuous love, where have you gone?
This lonely heart is aching for your warmth.
The shades I’ve drawn for I haven’t had the heart
to gaze at the predawn alone in my room.

Wicked love, how you’ve played me so.
I thought there is something special waiting for us.
Yet, you cower and flee from the fire in me
afraid to be burned, afraid to be consumed?

Betraying love, I haven’t had the heart
to fight, to be angry, to cause you pain.
I love and have loved you before
but this I will let go for I am nothing to you.

-Little Ink Elf 011513-

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