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Walk Away


There is no reason for me to stay
so I will just walk away
out the door and out of your life
never to bother or cause you strife.
I’ll push my feet to go and leave
feel the wounds that make me grieve
for our story is nearing its end
so I’ll go and try to mend
this heart that has finally broken
from the love you easily woken.

-Little Ink Elf 011114-





set adrift with hardly a care,
unspoken words left me bare,
cutting deeply unto skin and soul,
this heart now has a hole.
can’t find a way to stop the bleeding,
this gaping wound finds no healing,
in silence i love, in silence i suffer,
drifting to nowhere, what can you offer?
to stop the hurt and mend what’s broken,
would you say the words left unspoken?

-Little Ink Elf 100313-


In your silence I break like fragile glass,
where carefully built dreams litter the floor.
Sharp and jagged, cutting me to the quick,
drops of blood mingling with tears that flow.
How can I mend these broken bits of me,
when picking them up is already hard to do.
Your image is all I see mirrored in the debris,
and when fingers touch them, the pain becomes so real.

If I could just put them all together,
maybe everything will be alright,
between you and me tonight,
if not i’ll leave you a kiss
before I say goodbye.

In your silence I break like brittle sticks,
bent and broken, snapping like dried up twigs.
My mind is reeling from this sad reality,
hello shadows, have you come to claim my sanity?
How can I trust myself to live again,
when the fire that used to burn no longer gives off heat?
You were the one that warmed this once cold heart,
but in your silence I became undone.

Now if I could just put them all together,
maybe everything will be alright,
between you and me tonight.
If not I’ll just walk away and leave,
a kiss I’ll give for you to remember me by.

-Little Ink Elf 092613-



What’s with all the lies and empty lines
when all that was wanted was a taste of heaven
in your arms?

The pleasure hidden in your kisses felt before
is now a memory swept away by the sea of time
that took everything there is of you.

How can this be the reason why this heart beats so?
When it beats with a bit of pain from absence you are so used to,
just an empty seat that is filled no longer by you.

No room for hope because everything is deteriorating,
when words of love are no longer professed,
just a silent tomb of broken bits of promises.

-Little Ink Elf 050613-

If I Were


If I were a romantic soul
I would be wooing you with roses and kisses,
to bring that smile to your lips and your eyes,
for they so badly need it,

If I were a hungry soul,
I would be feeding on your love
satiating the emptiness in me,
until I am full with it.

If I were a lonely soul,
I would find an excuse to stay by your side,
holding your hand while listening to your words,
until this loneliness leaves me.

If I were a broken soul,
I would kneel before you and ask
whether you have hands that heal
a broken person like me.

If I were a dying soul,
I would write to you these thoughts,
and leave it by your side for you to read,
so you will know how much you meant to me.

-Little Ink Elf 041313-

Repairing Thoughts


Repair these broken threads of thoughts
with words conjured from nowhere,
until we form a coherent story
that we can write on liquid paper.
To be carried out into the seas
along with all our hopes and dreams,
with candles floating in the wind
to guide us back to our beginnings,
when love was still strong in us,
unlike now when we are already drifting apart.

-eamarifosque 040913-

Will You?

Will you find a place for me in thine arms, my sweet?
This turbulent soul untethered
floating on gossamer wings
fleeing from pain.

Will you hold my weakened body close, my dear?
Scars crisscrossing my mortal self
Blood dripping slowly draining
life from this empty shell.

Will you cry for me when my soul drifts away, my love?
Leaving you with nothing but a wrecked body?
Will you put me aground and weep?
Whisper a token prayer as I rest in peace?

-Little Ink Elf 13013-


Here’s something that I wrote a few days ago that I can’t seem to put a title to it. Maybe you can help me out? 🙂 Comment away and I’ll seriously consider suggestions.


Wrecked from a past that cannot be defined,
curled up on an empty bed, her body lies.
Shivering from the cold yet no one to comfort her
Wishing her tears won’t fall against the satin sheet
whiteness of her new found loneliness.

Battered and broken, trying to put back the pieces
of her life, her love and her dreams.
Her soul weeps a thousandfold.
Where did they all go, her friends, her muse?

Alone in her mind decaying with sadness
gone is the vibrant woman with a tinkling laugh.
Her cracked lips no longer breaks into a beautiful smile,
her gaze reaching inwards to deeper isolation.

Who can reach her thoughts to save her?
Who can wake her up from the darkness within?
Her soul laid bare, her thoughts all a jumble.
Will she perish in the dark, alone and broken?

-Little Ink Elf 012813-

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