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Will You

Will you not stop
the torturous turmoil
you’re putting me through
with your incessant presence
best forgotten lest it grows
like weeds consuming life
i’m trying hard to remove
just like the hurts
the lies and the promises
that you drenched my soul with

will you not desist in your attempt
to befriend the betrayed heart
still healing within the confined spaces
of my sanctuary where you’re not welcome?

will you still deny the tears
that you plucked from within
with each carefully constructed dream
you uttered within my hearing
and watched in cruel silence
as they unfolded into nothing
but darkness that devoured me
and the hopes I’ve pinned
upon your breast close to your heart

will you not spare me from your presence
that insinuates with every blink of my eyes
finding spaces in between the shutters
placed to ward you from sowing your seeds
into this necessary solitude i’ve exiled myself into
unwilling to play the host to your sweet words
that means nothing to you but the world to me

-©Little Ink Elf 080514-


Red Stains



Once you wrapped your fingers
on tiny shards of glass
calling droplets of blood
to stain mirrored eyes that gaze
upon fragments of one’s old soul
scattered on the floor
like a thousand glistening stars
sprinkled on the dusty remains
of what were once happy memories
now corroded by time

Red stains now mingle
with teardrops that fall
splashing upon distant dreams
once stored in fragile glass
swept away in anger
as false promises bare
the simple truth about
the lies fed into a hungry mouth
sweetened with kisses
now bitter to the taste

How brittle savored memories can be
turning to dust as wounded fingers touch
jagged edges of crystal clear images
leaving wounds that turn to scars
as the years go passing by
those infinite white lines
remembrance of what was used to be
the memories of us and
who were before the parting came
embraced by the lies and the pain

-©Little Ink Elf 041014-



walk away from the desolation of a broken heart,
where smashed dreams and remnants of promises litter the ground.
your shadow need not darken the encrusted floor anymore
where blood, tears and sweat have mingled and dried.
for this house no longer holds the warmth you once loved
all that is left is the silence and the emptiness
and the memories built that are starting to fade.

Walk away from the despair that slowly creeps inside,
its fingers will try to reach out and strangle your soul,
let the door to this chapter softly swing shut
lock the pain along with the remains of a broken heart,
keep it at bay lest it seeps into the light that you hold still
and darken it with anger and hate that can torture and maim
leaving you a slave to the burgeoning shadows of distrust.

Walk away from the tears that constantly flow,
the soul can only bear so much hurt in a lifetime.
Turn your back on the loneliness that hounds you,
don’t let the growing chasm of silence swallow you whole.
Seek the courage that is hidden deep within you,
let its light banish the clouds of confusion that blind you
and let you find the path where your heart will truly belong.

-©Little Ink Elf 022414-

Bleeding Hearts


bleeding hearts that are thrown out in haste,
are now scarred with pain and marred by anguish.
for there is no tomorrow for broken hearts forgotten
in a ditch somewhere in this cold, lonesome world
where loveless souls pass by in so much hurry.
the slow beats of these bleeding hearts
are like fading drums echoing in the dark,
bouncing off walls like a tired man’s knuckles rapping,
against his chest as he wheezes in agony.
for there is no comfort to be found for hearts that bleed,
as hope flickers and fades in the distant darkness,
only the hands of death can heal and mend,
and by planting a chilling kiss all their hurts just fade away.

-Little Ink Elf 062413-

Love Song


As I write these words I know you won’t hear
the music that accompanies them.
For this silent love song is made to be heard
only by a heart that knows what love truly is.
You can’t find the tune to the soul who wrote this,
because you didn’t take the time to listen.
I’ve been playing it for years hoping you’ll hear
but it seems to me that it has fallen on deaf ears.
A love song I wrote for you and you alone,
but you weren’t there to listen to my song.
If only you spent time with me, you’ll understand
why I never sang this song when you’re around.
It’s because I taught my heart to sing it for you,
and only your heart will hear if only you loved me too.

-Little Ink Elf 053013-

Why Go On?


Why wish for tomorrow to arrive
when your side of the bed is bereft of you?
Why dream of better things for the two of us
when the night draws down on me alone?
Why do I have to close my eyes
when all I want is to open them so I can see you?
Why go on at all knowing that you’ve left?
Why should I press my lips to yours
when I know that I will taste the bitterness of tears?
Why do I have to keep on professing this love
when I know you can’t give what I crave the most?
Why write down notes from the heart
knowing that you’re not around to read them at all?
Why go on pretending that you care
when your presence I no longer feel?
Why don’t these tears come when I want them
now that I needed it the most?
Why can’t I purge these feelings from my soul
when all I want is to forget them so badly?

-Little Ink Elf 042313 –

Untitled III

chain these hands lest they strangle the life out of me,
my soul is weighed down with a heavy heart i cannot see.
the things i think are none too pleasant,
for darkness is within me.
it’s grip is tight i cannot break free
for the bleeding will start
and it will be the end of me.

– Little Ink Elf 021313-

Untitled II

Sitting underneath the star-studded skies,
I whisper a prayer to the heavens above.
That I find the freedom to love you completely,
with nothing to bar my heart nor break my hold.
For this love I feel, you nursed to life,
yet now I question its validity.
Am I free to love you dear,
or will I crash and fall to an endless abyss?
Filled with questions and confusion,
bitterness and endless tears?
My heart has opened up to you,
and I hope your heart has too.
I may not have all the skills of a lover,
yet when I say “I love you” I mean it
for it’s the truth.
Even now when silence reigns,
I think of you night and day.
You might fall back in love but not with me,
I’ll just cherish our memories,
no matter how fleeting they may be.

-Little Ink Elf 021113-

For Tomorrow

For Tomorrow

Daylight is wasting and yet here I am

waiting for someone who will never come.

This is the last time I will allow myself

to let the tears fall in torrent

for tomorrow is a new day I cannot waste.

Darkness enfolds me as I lit my cigarette

inhaling the smoke, purging my soul.

I see no signs of flesh, shadow or any hint of you.

So this is it? The end of us and our future together?

How quickly it comes when we are just at the beginning.

No more tears for me to shed

I’ve spent this day letting myself go.

Tomorrow a new me will come and take over this body

stronger, better, smarter, lovelier than ever.

Because even though you’ve given up on us, I won’t give up on me.

-Little Ink Elf 121212-

You Most of All

You Most of All

What’s right?

What’s wrong?

The lines have crossed

my mind has blurred

all because I want to please

you most of all.

What little I have I gave

What love I have I shared

What’s left of me

I gave to you

Because I want

you most of all.

Now I am undone

My heart is broken

And I lost faith

in myself

What I craved most you see

was just you and me.

I didn’t know I’d get hurt

by you most of all.

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