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From Your Lips


enchanting words that spill from your lips longing to be kissed,
wrap their arms around a heart seeking the ultimate bliss.
yet these words that pour forth from those mesmerizing lips,
transform themselves into knives that wound so deep.
as these sharp steeled words slowly slice their way through,
tendrils of blood slowly ooze from shallow wounds inflicted.
all that was asked was a love filled with the beauty of innocence,
yet the words that resonate from thy lips possessed magic that paralyzes.
caught up in a web of utter lies disguised in honeyed tongue,
it’s no wonder this heart fell in love with the idea of love that you professed.
using words that sway and hypnotize, there is no doubt that you’ve captured many hearts this way.
and here you’ve caught another one that clings to hope,
that the love it will receive won’t hurt it anymore.
but it seems those enchanting words that roll from your lips,
are nothing more but nightmares enveloped in lines so sweet.

-Little Ink Elf 060413-



The halls of dreaming are fading slowly,
as the disembodied soul makes it way back home.
To the daily routine of its boring life,
living in a fragile shell caught in a web of lies.

A soul that looks out on clouded windows,
viewing the world pale in its sleeping state.
Only when the night comes do the lights shine bright,
and restless souls pour from graying walls in delight.

Escaping from the cacophony of sounds and
rushing to the solitude of its secluded sanctuary.
This soul lounges in quiet bliss
emptying its mind from worry’s kiss.

-Little Ink Elf 031413-

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