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Darkness Within


in between the words and worlds you build
i can see the darkness that lies within
lying in wait between the cracks and crevices
bleeding slowly into the dreams you’ve penned.

you try to hide what you fear the most
the darkness that consumed you long ago,
yet i can feel it nestled within the words you weave
they call to me, the blackest of your sins.

yet i feel no fear where darkness lies
as i trace them reverently with my fingertips
they’re but scars and hurts that can be healed
give me leave to bind them with kisses and silks.

-©Little Ink Elf 012714-





set adrift with hardly a care,
unspoken words left me bare,
cutting deeply unto skin and soul,
this heart now has a hole.
can’t find a way to stop the bleeding,
this gaping wound finds no healing,
in silence i love, in silence i suffer,
drifting to nowhere, what can you offer?
to stop the hurt and mend what’s broken,
would you say the words left unspoken?

-Little Ink Elf 100313-

Untitled III

chain these hands lest they strangle the life out of me,
my soul is weighed down with a heavy heart i cannot see.
the things i think are none too pleasant,
for darkness is within me.
it’s grip is tight i cannot break free
for the bleeding will start
and it will be the end of me.

– Little Ink Elf 021313-

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