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If This Will be The Last

If this will be the last
I will lay my heart at your feet
with all its scars and hurts
its hopes and dreams
everything I have to offer
to you I will give.

If this will be the last
I will not bind you with tears
but with love I’ll set you free
no words are needed to be said
you can turn around and walk away.

If this will be the last
I will not ask you to stay
nor beg or plead on bended knees
but watch you with these brown eyes
searing your image in my mind.

If this will be the last,
leave me with happier memories,
ones I can go back to time and again,
just to remind me that you were real,
and had the chance to call you mine.

-Little Ink Elf 090113-




Offering love with hands scarred by long lost lovers.
Boundless beauty lights her up from within.
Yet in her unnatural grace she knows,
that beauty doesn’t last so do her lovers.

Beating heart broken time and time again,
useless tears keep falling over and over again.
Her sorrows she bear in silence,
so becoming in her own pale face.

No sigh will escape her lips,
when her lovers disappear.
But a smile will shine upon her face
when blood stained tears pour,
from those who chose to defile her
unadorned love innocent of lies.

Until satisfaction she receives,
as she presses a chilling and nightmarish kiss,
on feverish cheeks of a lover
bowing down on bended knees.

– Little Ink Elf 031113-

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