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You Were Mine


you were mine
and I yours
we felt alive
no shadows alight
in our paradise
we danced together
our hands entwined
staring at the stars
everything felt right
but nothing lasts
no, nothing lasts
just a dream
what we had
bursting like bubbles
falling like rain

you were mine
but i’m alone
now we’re done

-©Little Ink Elf 070814-


Love Song


As I write these words I know you won’t hear
the music that accompanies them.
For this silent love song is made to be heard
only by a heart that knows what love truly is.
You can’t find the tune to the soul who wrote this,
because you didn’t take the time to listen.
I’ve been playing it for years hoping you’ll hear
but it seems to me that it has fallen on deaf ears.
A love song I wrote for you and you alone,
but you weren’t there to listen to my song.
If only you spent time with me, you’ll understand
why I never sang this song when you’re around.
It’s because I taught my heart to sing it for you,
and only your heart will hear if only you loved me too.

-Little Ink Elf 053013-


fading memory, fading light,
a shadow of threat and dread collide.
fanning the embers of worry and doubt,
until they blossom into a fiery blaze.
an inferno that dances in her already frayed mind,
burning her every waking thought.
her perfect beginnings melting away,
until fragments of thoughts are all that’s left behind,
doubt filled sentient mind,
colors pale against the fires of trepidation.
feeling lost and alone in her own little world,
waiting for a cup of water to extinguish the flames
of doubt that consumes her,
and waiting still.

-Little Ink Elf 020713-


Here’s something that I wrote a few days ago that I can’t seem to put a title to it. Maybe you can help me out? 🙂 Comment away and I’ll seriously consider suggestions.


Wrecked from a past that cannot be defined,
curled up on an empty bed, her body lies.
Shivering from the cold yet no one to comfort her
Wishing her tears won’t fall against the satin sheet
whiteness of her new found loneliness.

Battered and broken, trying to put back the pieces
of her life, her love and her dreams.
Her soul weeps a thousandfold.
Where did they all go, her friends, her muse?

Alone in her mind decaying with sadness
gone is the vibrant woman with a tinkling laugh.
Her cracked lips no longer breaks into a beautiful smile,
her gaze reaching inwards to deeper isolation.

Who can reach her thoughts to save her?
Who can wake her up from the darkness within?
Her soul laid bare, her thoughts all a jumble.
Will she perish in the dark, alone and broken?

-Little Ink Elf 012813-

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