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You Were Mine


you were mine
and I yours
we felt alive
no shadows alight
in our paradise
we danced together
our hands entwined
staring at the stars
everything felt right
but nothing lasts
no, nothing lasts
just a dream
what we had
bursting like bubbles
falling like rain

you were mine
but i’m alone
now we’re done

-©Little Ink Elf 070814-


Untitled IV

Ditch the sob stories and old hurts,
rescue yourself from your misery.
You are alive that’s all that matters,
breathing, thinking, living.
Don’t let doubt and shame consume you,
you can still love and embrace
another soul that’s lost
in a mindless crowd
and bring it back to a place
you both can call home.
To live in laughter,
to live in love,
to live in the moment,
to risk it all.

– Little Ink Elf 030713-

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