Of Lost Love and Poetry

heartaches + words

About the Author

I am the Little Ink Elf, the creator of Of Lost Love and Poetry. I am the other side of Mad About, a blog of fun and happy things. I write about the dark side of things in my life for everything has to be balanced. There is always good for every bad and there is always happiness with all the sadness. I tap into the dark side of me and let my woes be released. For only then can I truly write about the things that pleases me.


6 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. this blog looks to be an interesting place to hang out – i personally release a lot of my darkness in my writing. i feel bad about that sometimes, but what i see is a place for me to let go and, yes, find some balance. Kimberly

  2. Hey there – Act 3 of The Liebster Award includes you! Yes, I have nominated you:)

    Enjoy – Kimberly xx

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