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Will You

Will you not stop
the torturous turmoil
you’re putting me through
with your incessant presence
best forgotten lest it grows
like weeds consuming life
i’m trying hard to remove
just like the hurts
the lies and the promises
that you drenched my soul with

will you not desist in your attempt
to befriend the betrayed heart
still healing within the confined spaces
of my sanctuary where you’re not welcome?

will you still deny the tears
that you plucked from within
with each carefully constructed dream
you uttered within my hearing
and watched in cruel silence
as they unfolded into nothing
but darkness that devoured me
and the hopes I’ve pinned
upon your breast close to your heart

will you not spare me from your presence
that insinuates with every blink of my eyes
finding spaces in between the shutters
placed to ward you from sowing your seeds
into this necessary solitude i’ve exiled myself into
unwilling to play the host to your sweet words
that means nothing to you but the world to me

-©Little Ink Elf 080514-


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