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Darkness Within


in between the words and worlds you build
i can see the darkness that lies within
lying in wait between the cracks and crevices
bleeding slowly into the dreams you’ve penned.

you try to hide what you fear the most
the darkness that consumed you long ago,
yet i can feel it nestled within the words you weave
they call to me, the blackest of your sins.

yet i feel no fear where darkness lies
as i trace them reverently with my fingertips
they’re but scars and hurts that can be healed
give me leave to bind them with kisses and silks.

-©Little Ink Elf 012714-


Just Waiting


waiting, just waiting
what else is there to do?
you can come and go as you please
leave when you think it’s right,
never feeling what it’s like
to be the one to be left behind.
you carry on with a smile
while the other one cries
as soon as the gate is shut
right after you leave her side.
the wait goes on and on and on
do you ever wonder how long
she can stand the waiting
never even realizing
that it’s tearing her apart?

-©Little Ink Elf012214-

Fire in the Hearth


by Vincent Van Gogh

I seem to be missing something
that feeling of magical bliss
surrounded by the warmth of love
how come it has already gone?

The coldness has slipped in
the fire in the hearth has died
the wind has scattered the remains
there’s nothing left, not even a memory.

How to ignite the fire that once burned
bringing back the warmth I crave the most?
Would the flames return to brightly blaze
or will it just be the ashes that remain?

-Little Ink Elf012114-

Walk Away


There is no reason for me to stay
so I will just walk away
out the door and out of your life
never to bother or cause you strife.
I’ll push my feet to go and leave
feel the wounds that make me grieve
for our story is nearing its end
so I’ll go and try to mend
this heart that has finally broken
from the love you easily woken.

-Little Ink Elf 011114-



drifting into
in a sea of uncertainty
the pains of the past
nibbling on flesh
drained of life
lying immobile
against the stillness
of the silence
you made.
without purpose
without hope
without direction
cut off
from your side
sailing away
like a forgotten thought
nowhere to go
nowhere to turn to
except the darkness
that constantly beckons.

-Little Ink Elf 010914-

Words Exhausted

from juneroca.com

words are all but exhausted
as they fall on deaf ears
carried away by the wind
and the fall of precious tears.

penned in the darkness
as the soul tries to commune
with the silence that seems to echo
into the emptiness within.

why would hope be present
when your absence is here?
spreading its coldness
where warmth used to live?

-Little Ink Elf 010614-

Fragile is the Heart

Fragile is the heart that is slowly losing hope
that its whispered prayers will be heard
in the silence of the night that grows ever so long
in the absence of the light that you bear
where chilling winds make their home inside
the heart where love once reigned but now gone.

Would the pleas given voice by falling tears
dry up as your hands caress them away
from wet cheeks that you once tenderly kissed
when the world revolved around our entwined hands
and shadows merging into the starlit skies
moving as one while time stood still?

Fragile is the heart then when the dreams start to fade
like the setting sun’s rays that disappear into the horizon
as night’s cold fingers break daylight’s hold
letting the chill breath of silence makes its way
towards the flickering flame of hope that resides
in this heart for it to vanquish once and for all.

-Little Ink Elf 122713-

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