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Long Gone

If you wake up one morning and find you’re missing someone
don’t look for me,
I have long been gone from your side, your life
you just didn’t notice.
Wrapped up in your own world living in torment
you forgot my hand holding yours,
You sought the darkness when I brought you light,
you craved loneliness even in my company.
You chose not to live with me but without me.
I have gone away to seek the pieces of me that have fallen
along the road when I chose to follow you.
Pieces of me that broke everytime you shroud yourself
with the veil of selfishness and forgetfulness.
The pain was worth it or so I thought
for I wished that I could save you from the darkness in you.
And yet it wasn’t enough was it?
The things I did were for you and only you
yet you dismissed them as if they’re worth nothing.
The plans we built as we whispered into the night
were all for naught since they are now scattered into the wind.
You tortured me with your indifference
your silence, the feigned interest.
How could I go on when you didn’t even notice my despair?
I have fallen hard and the pain is just everywhere,
I lied when I said I was strong because I didn’t want you to see
the fragile stitches that make the most of me.
One cut and the rest will unravel,
flailing, falling, breaking, dying.

-Little Ink Elf 121913-


Sleeping Gods


we connected our worlds
drew heart shaped lines
penned our hopes in lined spaces
traced our dreams in the palms of our hands
threw our wishes to the wind
prayed that they’ll be answered.

and though the months grew long
the days rushed by
the weeks steeped in solitude
our dreams remained our dreams
the fire we ignited still burned in the night
our lips still whispered the same litany.

Would there be an end to the waiting
the wanting to be with our hearts’ desire?
would the sleeping gods deign to hear
the longing that resounds in our hearts?
would they stir from their slumber
to answer our indefinite pleas?

would answers be seen in the stars,
the fading light of the moon
or perhaps in the perfect dawn
to the silent questions that invade our hearts
that we constantly wrestle with
in the darkest corners of our minds?

-Little Ink Elf 121113-


Was It


Was it worth the sleepless nights
the counting of passing days
the hours that trickle by?

Was it worth waiting for the morn
to feel its idle touch
to bathe in its glorious warmth?

Was it worth watching the stars
dancing in the sky
wondering if you see them too?

Was it worth sending kisses
to the wind to place upon your cheeks
to remind you of me?

Was it worth the wait
the absence of words
still trusting even in the dark?

Was it worth to hear even an echo
of your voice in my dreams
to carry it with me as I open my eyes?

Was it worth the effort given
the moments built and cherished
in the light of where we are now?

Was it everything I thought it would be
attempting to reconnect into your life
the silence in the other line?

-Little Ink Elf 120513-

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