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Cold Nights


Cold nights are my company
with pen and paper on hand
thoughts float towards you
wanting to be close to you.
Softly I whisper your name
wishing you were here with me
but the nights remain empty
penning dreams on paper
letting the fire burn through me
burn away the loneliness
dry the tears that seem to fall
from eyes that gaze towards the stars
that float in front of me
wishing I could pluck them from the sky
and send them to you
to light your path when night comes
hoping that one day you’ll look up and see
the dreams I want to build with you.

-Little Ink Elf 111613-


She Writes


Her soul she pours on every word she writes
blood mingling with the ink that flows
from her pen dipped in the blackest of days
that perpetually haunt her waking mind.
She writes as night slowly creeps in,
the shadows she embrace in comfort
letting their cold fingers wrap around flesh
pale like the moonlight that attempts to catch
a glimpse of what was once flush with life.
The web of dreams she wove on hope and promise
slowly burn like cloth put to the flame,
smoldering in oblivion as her trust turns to decay
while the hurt and pain she thought were gone remain.

-Little Ink Elf  110513-

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