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Twisted Mind


I can’t, for the life of me, understand why they do
these things to me.
Being pulled in different directions is pushing me to
the brink of extinction.
Emotions all in a jumble, this feeling of being dragged
without permission, is goading me to end this
How can I make up this mind twisted beyond
When everyone is asking a piece of me like they often
do when they see a tasty meal?
I am beyond exhausted from all these pulling and
I only long for the silence that beckons to me from
that newly dug hole on that soft ground muddied by
footprints that made it.
It is perhaps the best place to be for a twisted mind
that knows no release.

-Little Ink Elf 052113-


Carving Lies

I will carve the lies your lips have uttered
on your pale skin for you to remember them by.
That all the words you’ve spun with those beguiling
have hurt me deep within this fragile flesh of mine.
But I will not be so cruel as to keep the pain to
I will teach you the burning sensation of shame and
I will show you how easily your words can cut to the
I will make you understand how lies can cause
someone to die from within.
And when all of these you’ve learned by heart,
I will let you go and live the scars you’ve left me with.

-Little Ink Elf 052013-

the feeling of not caring
unheeding of the cries
of the heart that longs
for a love dreamed
for so long.

the feeling of promises
broken by lips you thought
were whispering the words
that their heart is saying.

the feeling of being lost
amidst the hurt and pain
that war within the heart
that seeks nothing but love.

the feeling planted by the
distance you have put between
us and the future we seek
when we’re just beginning.

the feeling of bitterness
that linger on tongue that
tasted the lies that spewed
from a mouth you trusted.

the feeling that you can’t
accept that the one you trusted
has given you a love that
is empty of feelings.

-Little Ink Elf 051913-

I’ll Find Another


I’ll find another reason to smile
despite the pain that stings my heart.
I’ll find another tomorrow where the sun shines bright,
despite the clouds that lurk above.
I’ll find another hand to hold,
despite the way I miss your hands I’ve held.
I’ll find another lips to seal with a kiss,
despite the way I yearn for yours on my lips.
I’ll find another pair of arms to rest in,
despite the way I longed for your tight embrace.
I’ll find another someone to give my love to,
despite the fact that my heart belongs to no one but you.

-Little Ink Elf 051913-

A Disease Called You


i am bedded down with a disease called you,
and i am sorry i let you get the best of me.
i am tired of all the silence you left me with,
and i am ashamed with these tears that fall consistently.

i am bedded down with a disease called love,
and i am shivering despite the heat.
i am tired of living life with the pain caused by you,
and i am in need of a change of scenery.

i am bedded down with a disease called hurt,
and i know i’ll never erase it because it was made by you.
i am tired of hiding behind false smiles,
and i know i am just a finger’s breadth away from madness caused by lies.

i am bedded down with a disease called you,
and i know there is no cure for me to take to get rid of it.
i am tired of taking the usual remedies
and i am just waiting for the pain to go away.

-Little Ink Elf 051613-

Cannot Predict Now


The words of the magic 8 ball
float from the inky darkness
answering a question formed by lips
seeking solace in silence.
An answer that is a bit
disheartening yet offering a chance for
the right response in the next shake of the ball,
dizzied by questions that demand answers
from the depths of its heart that holds
the key to a smile or a frown
seen on a face desperate for
some truths denied for so long.
Relying on its rounded figure that
“cannot predict now” whether there is
a chance of heaven in this hellhole
that is filled with eyes that stare
and lips that sneer from their lofty perch
on faces that know nothing of
heartaches and pain.

-Little Ink Elf 050713-

Nowhere to be Found

I’ve tried shouting your name against the horrible
darkness that pervades my mind,
hoping that you will hear my call and come to aid me.
But only the echo of my voice bounced back from the
depths of my fragile mind,
repeating your name over and over again.
You don’t know how hard it is to keep silent and still,
when the world around me is slowly crumbling down.
I wished with all my heart and with my eyes closed,
that you will appear before me and hold me close,
protecting me against the shadows of despair that
looms above me, and banish away the hurts that sear
my flesh.
Only when I opened my eyes and as my wish fades
from my lips,
the only thing that I see before me is nothing but a
shadow of a thought I’ve created to help me instead.
I’ve nothing left but emptiness inside me because you
were nowhere to be found.
Not even my call reached your ears and now I am
wondering why.

-Little Ink Elf 042913-



What’s with all the lies and empty lines
when all that was wanted was a taste of heaven
in your arms?

The pleasure hidden in your kisses felt before
is now a memory swept away by the sea of time
that took everything there is of you.

How can this be the reason why this heart beats so?
When it beats with a bit of pain from absence you are so used to,
just an empty seat that is filled no longer by you.

No room for hope because everything is deteriorating,
when words of love are no longer professed,
just a silent tomb of broken bits of promises.

-Little Ink Elf 050613-

Private Hell


Burning letters, burning dreams
love put on hold clouding her eyes.
Tears do fall yet remain unnoticed,
each drop desperately clinging to her
long dark lashes.
Blurred lines and visions is all she sees,
trying to retain a semblance of heaven
in her own private hell.

-Little Ink Elf 040913-

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