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Tempestuous love, where have you gone?
This lonely heart is aching for your warmth.
The shades I’ve drawn for I haven’t had the heart
to gaze at the predawn alone in my room.

Wicked love, how you’ve played me so.
I thought there is something special waiting for us.
Yet, you cower and flee from the fire in me
afraid to be burned, afraid to be consumed?

Betraying love, I haven’t had the heart
to fight, to be angry, to cause you pain.
I love and have loved you before
but this I will let go for I am nothing to you.

-Little Ink Elf 011513-


Temper Your Longing

temper your longing my heart
your time will come soon enough.
there’s no need to rush for there is time
to savor the moment.

curb your feelings dear heart
take it slow, take it gently.
love can be wicked and tricky
be brave but be cautious too.

things can happen pretty fast
leaving you dizzy and out of touch.
whirlwind romance can be fun but
sometimes it might leave you hurt.

this feeling that is building o heart of mine
savor it, learn from it, embrace it.
but don’t be fooled by charming words
and flowery promises for they are sharper
than a well honed blade that can cut you
to the quick.

-Little Ink Elf 010613-

Tell Me It’s Over

Tell Me It’s Over

Falling for you is madness I cannot take
this feeling I have to hold for my own sake.
I’ve been here before and got so hurt
there is no need for you to be so curt.

Just tell me now if it’s over or not
I won’t complain nor beg till I rot.
I am here to ask and nothing more
to keep my heart safe and not be sore.

If this story of ours is fading fast
I’ll chalk it to another lesson that has to last.
For heartaches and broken promises are already old
like the lies I’ve heard and have been told.

You see, I don’t need another empty page in my book.
I’ve always thought you’ll last longer and not be spooked.
But it seems you’re just another memory fading
that I won’t cry over nor feel any longing.


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