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Can’t Last Forever

Can’t Last Forever

We kid ourselves that everything is alright
that we started on the right track
but interests do fade
like memories

We both know that this won’t last forever
our time together is rather fleeting
tomorrow will be different
you’ll see

We should enjoy what we have today
and think of the morrow no more
lest we find the day
grow cold

We really need to learn to say goodbye
because we can’t last forever
our memories today can be
gone tomorrow

-Little Ink Elf 121512-


Who I Am

Who I am

I am the darkness that seeps into your soul
that drinks from the light in you.
I am the shadow that stalks you
as you walk beneath the streetlamps.
I am the nightmare that you shy from at night
as you lie in bed shivering in the cold.
I am the dark side of you rising from the depths
of your innocence.
I am and will always be, the other side of you.

-Little Ink Elf 121212-



The fire is already burning
inside me

The warmth is spreading
through my body
my blood.

The coldness in my heart
melting away
now I’m awake.

The ice has faded
only warmth I feel
my beating heart i hear
ready to live and love again.

-Little Ink Elf 120712-

For Tomorrow

For Tomorrow

Daylight is wasting and yet here I am

waiting for someone who will never come.

This is the last time I will allow myself

to let the tears fall in torrent

for tomorrow is a new day I cannot waste.

Darkness enfolds me as I lit my cigarette

inhaling the smoke, purging my soul.

I see no signs of flesh, shadow or any hint of you.

So this is it? The end of us and our future together?

How quickly it comes when we are just at the beginning.

No more tears for me to shed

I’ve spent this day letting myself go.

Tomorrow a new me will come and take over this body

stronger, better, smarter, lovelier than ever.

Because even though you’ve given up on us, I won’t give up on me.

-Little Ink Elf 121212-



Sorries should be meant and not half hearted

for the pain you’ve caused has scarred me deeply.

You can’t bring the past back but surely you can give for the future

leave me in peace so I can pick myself up again.

Sorries from you are like broken glass causing me to bleed.

It’s easy to say the words but remember they’re just words.

Like saying “I love you” by rote.

Take it back if you must until you’re ready

because I’d rather you ignore me than you not meaning it.

– Little Ink Elf 121112-

Lost Love

Lost Love

Time has long gone by

As I sit and wonder why

Our love started bold and beautiful

How can it end and be so cruel?

You said you loved me

and I believed it to be true

After all my heart was yours

and there’s no one else but you?

How come you lost faith in what we have?

Turn and run you went to another’s arms?

You went ahead and left me to find my back

with tears in my eyes and a heavy heart.

-Little Ink Elf 121012-

Silly Girl

Silly Girl

Silly girl, look at you

your pretty smiles

have now faded.

The one you love has

gone and left you.

Now you sit by the steps

waiting for your lover

who has moved on

to greener pastures.

Silly girl, look at you

the mirror says it all.

You’ve forgotten who

you really are.

Life’s not fair

but don’t despair.

Love can be fickle

but soon you’ll find

someone even better.

-LittleInkElf 120812-

Love, You’ve Abandoned Me

Love, You’ve Abandoned Me

Darkness enfolds me

as I stagger towards the bed.

I fall immediately to sleep

dreaming of you and me

together again.

I woke up to a gloomy day

can’t move because I don’t want to.

What awaits me when I step out

of the room when you’re not here with me?

Love, you’ve abandoned me

at the time when I needed you most.

Now you’re in the arms of another

How I wish with all my might I was her.


You Most of All

You Most of All

What’s right?

What’s wrong?

The lines have crossed

my mind has blurred

all because I want to please

you most of all.

What little I have I gave

What love I have I shared

What’s left of me

I gave to you

Because I want

you most of all.

Now I am undone

My heart is broken

And I lost faith

in myself

What I craved most you see

was just you and me.

I didn’t know I’d get hurt

by you most of all.

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